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In: Monotheism & Ethics
In: Monotheism & Ethics
In: Monotheism & Ethics
In: Monotheism & Ethics


Representations of the heavens in various levels of detail can be found in a number of branches of Arabic literature. One particular genre, the hay'a texts, has as its purpose a full though non-mathematical discussion of the arrangement of the celestial orbs; hay'a writers are particularly sensitive to the philosophical requirements which all systems must meet. The pivotal work in this genre, On the Configuration, was written by Ibn al-Haytham. Later writers continued to produce works in the spirit of On the Configuration. In the east, al-Tusi and his followers developed new models; in the west, a group of thinkers tried to rediscover the models which, so they thought, were the ones endorsed by Aristotle himself.

In: Early Science and Medicine

J. Jewish Thought & Philosophy, Vol. 1, pp. 223-245 © 1992 Reprints available directly from the publisher Photocopying permitted by licence only Acceptance and devaluation: Nal;1manides' attitude towards science Y. Tzvi Langermann Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel For quite some time now I have been deeply interested in the thought of Rabbi Moses ben Nal;1man (Nal;1manides, 1194-1270), scholar, biblical exegete, and leader of Spanish Jewry. 1 In particu- lar, I have been intrigued by his attitude, or attitudes, towards science. In this respect he certainly cannot be described as a follower of Maimonides,

In: The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy
In: Studies in the History of Culture and Science