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Social Sciences and Missions

Sciences sociales et missions (Formerly: Le Fait Missionnaire)

The peer-reviewed journal Social Sciences and Missions / Sciences sociales et missions provides a forum for exploration of the social and political influence of Christian missions worldwide. The journal does not aim at studying missions for themselves, but rather as "total social facts", an idiom, which history, anthropology, sociology or political science can use to analyse reality and give it meaning. Christian missions represent a unique site of observation for the study of a great number of valuable themes, such as: contemporary and past North-South relationships, not least the history of empire and of the post-colonial period; religious and cultural pluralism in contemporary societies and the regulation of religious expressions in the public space; the evolution of religious organizational models and religion’s links to social work, sport, music and systems of thoughts. Social Sciences & Missions accepts articles in English and in French.

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Missions, Politics and Biopolitics in the Pacific Island Societies

Yannick Fer

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In Memoriam

Jean-Marie Bouron

Yannick Fer and Eric Morier-Genoud