Authors: Yuval Dror and Yona Prital


This chapter examines present-day ‘kibbutz education’ in the post-gemeinshaft kibbutz. We ask four questions: what is ‘kibbutz education’ today, in light of the changes in the kibbutz? Can it still be defined as ‘kibbutz education’, based on the generic principles that distinguished it – and which practices express them today? What attraction kibbutz education exercises on families? And what is this education’s influence on the environment and within society as a whole? The principles of kibbutz education that we examine are: (1) child’s personal and social education in group; (2) the community’s responsibility for education; (3) The uniformity of factors which are partners in education; (4) the uniformity of teaching; (5) active learning; (6) autonomy of children’s and adolescents’ framework; (7) the autonomy of the teaching staff and educators; and (8) the continuity of communal education from infancy to adolescence.

In: The Metamorphosis of the Kibbutz