An examination was made of the fine structure of bordered pit membranes in the radial walls between tracheids in the outer sapwood of Abies sachalinensis to improve our understanding of the so-called extended torus, the minute holes in the torus and the imperforate zone near the periphery of the pit membranes, Field-emission scanning electron microscopy revealed that a so-called extended torus was present in many bordered pit membranes. We examined the frequency occurrence of and variations in the extended torus within a single annual ring. The frequency tended to increase from the earlywood to the latewood within a single annual ring. In the tori of many bordered pit membranes, we detected minute holes, and the number and location of such minute holes in a single torus varied among individual pit membranes. The appearance of each minute hole also varied. An imperforate zone was observed near the periphery of the pit membrane. In this imperforate zone, we found amorphous materials, and fine fibrils were visible that were an extension of the fibrillar meshwork of the margo.

In: IAWA Journal