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Author: Yuyan Luo

The Hanlao language in Qinzhou city of Guangxi Province is a language blending the Zhuang language and Han dialects. The part of Han comes mainly from Cantonese, Pinghua and Hakka. Different source dialects influence Hanlao in distinctive levels. The core vocabulary of Hanlao language is mainly influenced by Zhuang, the influence of which becoming weaker towards the periphery. On the contrary, the Han dialects mainly affect the peripheral words of the Hanlao language. Hanlao thus obtains its present form through the restructuring of various source languages in a complex way.

廣西欽州漢佬話是一種融合壯語、漢語的語言,漢語主要來自粵語、平話和客家話。各種來源語言在漢佬話中所處的地位不同:壯語的影響主要在核心詞部分,越往外圍影響越小;漢語則相反,核心詞部分影響小,越往外圍影響越大。各種來源語言經過了複雜的整合過程形成了漢佬話如今的面貌。(This article is in Chinese.)

In: Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics