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Benjamin Jörissen

The term ›Post-digital culture‹ describes a condition where digitality is deeply embedded not only into the medial aspects of everyday life, but also into the infrastructural and material layers of culture. The conditions of processes of subjectivation are transformed through the digital designs on multiple levels. Aesthetic education is discussed as a particular doorway to relate to transformations of the sensual, medial and material conditions of subjectivation through digital designs.


Karen Feldman

our own subjectivity by transforming it into language” (HR, p. 104). The reference to the transformation into language of our subjectivity is key here. De Man is saying that for Heidegger there is no immediate relationship even to our own subjectivity. That relationship to our own human existence is


Michal Beth Dinkler

means.” 18 In other words, interpretive, temporal, and disciplinary dichotomies become elided in a growing mountain of cumulative associations: anachronistic is opposed to historical and value-driven is opposed to fact-driven and subjective is opposed to neutral, and on and on. In an era governed

Conceptual Preconditions of Free Will

On the Dialectics of Spontaneity in Performative Action

Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer

‘back’ from a mere focus on objects to us as the subjective centres of any claim and, therefore, of any truth . The most crucial and least understood move in logical analysis is Hegel’s insight that any talk of distinct objects or distinct properties presupposes a practice of differentiations

Christoph Bode

, subjective truths. 5 Some subscribed to a poetics of subjectivity, others to a literary ideal of non-subjectivity; some wanted literature and the arts to be organic, others highly self-conscious, self-reflexive and ironic. Some regarded poetry, others the novel, yet others the drama as the supreme of genres

Peter McLaren and Petar Jandrić

pretends to serve the oppressed but actually supports the power elite – from the perspective of the philosophy of praxis that he developed throughout his life. For Freire, critical consciousness (conscientization) cannot be divorced from Christian consciousness. Freire’s attack on bourgeois subjective

Die Wiederkehr des Urteilens

Zu Rudolf Makkreels hermeneutischem Kontextualismus


Tobias Keiling

Anlehnung an Dilthey als genuin historisches Verstehen ( historical understanding 54 ) bezeichnet: 1. Assimilation erzeugt Alltags- oder Lebenswissen ( everyday life- knowledge ), »an experiential intake where the subjective certainties of everyday life coalesce with what we inherit from the past and

Sven Grosse

endliches Wissen, weil überhaupt darin die Vernunft als ein subjectives einen gegebenen Gegenstand voraussetzt, somit sich selbst in ihm nicht erkennt.“ 39 Das denkende Betrachten 40 und Beweisen der Philosophie vollzieht sich nun in der Struktur der Dialektik: „Die Einsicht, daß die Natur des Denkens

Helmuth Trischler and Fabienne Will

subjectivity or objectivity. Far from trying to ‚reconcile‘ or ‚combine‘ nature and society, the task, the crucial political task, is on the contrary to distribute agency as far and in as differentiated a way as possible – until, that is, we have thoroughly lost any relation between those two concepts of


Emmanuel Zumabakuro Dassah

the nature of this method the researcher’s positionality is an important consideration in fieldwork research. He refers to the fact that positionality is not the same as subjectivity even though it falls within its domain. For him positionality goes beyond the researcher’s interest because “we attend