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Roslyn Jones

encouraged to form the belief that western medicine can detect and treat anything that may eventuate and is, at the same time, primed to receive a certain approach to his or her set of symptoms. Associated with this growth in what is possible and our expectation that it will be possible for each of us, is


Gabriela Salim Spagnol, Jéssica Elias Vicentini, Isilda Sueli Andreolli Mira de Assumpção, Li Hui Ling and Li Li Min

uncertainties, which rise from the lack of knowledge, beliefs, stigma, and fear of discrimination. 8 When these issues are not properly addressed, they can lead to poor self-esteem in patients, restrictions, and overprotection from the caregivers. 9 Quality of life is poorer in people suffering from epilepsy


Sônia Aparecida Bortolotto Torezan

knowledge, belief in healing and in the capacity for self-healing, discipline, giving up many things that hitherto were important or good for us, and especially the courage to often say ‘no’ to a given medical treatment. Spouses, children, and close friends believe that everything can go back to being the


Edited by Jytte Holmqvist

, yoga, Jin Shin Jyutsu, ayurvedic medicine, nutritional guidance and dietary insights, as well as – first and foremost – a belief in God and in a higher power as a way for the patient to deal with melanoma or skin cancer. Peter Bray, Senior Lecturer at the School of Counselling, Human Services and


Lani R. Stockwell and Scott E. Hendrix

different beliefs from person to person. Very important to acknowledge factors that the client considers important, shows you have concern for their beliefs. Helps establish a therapeutic relationship. Cultural factors should always be considered when interacting with individuals and families, especially in


Peter Bray

choiceless journey into mental illness, also explained that it was like returning home. She suggested that although confrontation with the suffering self is feared, “cultural practices, institutions, and belief systems that promote avoidance or denigration of this journey are dangerous” too, as such journeys