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the portrayal of London in the opening ceremony by linking it with European ‘high culture.’ The non-diegetic music is fused with the diegetic sound of the cheering people, but also the traffic noise and even the sound of doves flapping their wings: the half-drowned hum of the city and the classical

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apartment blocks (and with roots that disturb the flatness of the pavement). The pavement opposite is just as wide and similarly organized. The width of the pavement permits caf aa00E9bb s to set out tables for those wanting a coffee or a light snack, under the shade of the trees which also mute the traffic

In: The Sequential Imperative

good care of him, yet he complained to Esther that he was unhappy; he had a “room complex,” he wrote, and his new room was not good; the traffic noises from the street kept him from sleeping, and his room was very far from his printers. He had painful thoughts about himself: he had been trying to

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