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than “the Deputy ( nāʾib ) of the Imam.” 24 Al-Karakī’s main legal work, the Jāmiʿat al-maqāṣid , is a commentary on the ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī’s Qawāʿid al-aḥkām . It was written, so he tells us in a short preface, as a way to discharge some of his obligations towards the exalted, victorious, monarchical

in Sociology of Shiʿite Islam

scholars considered the permissibility of ge food by focusing on the methods of genetic alteration, 5 from the framework of maqasid al-shariah (the purposes of Shari’a), on the grounds of necessity ( Dharurah ), chemical transformation ( Istihalah ), and combining permissible and non

in Sociology of Islam