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. Ithaca: Cornell South East Asia Publications. Asad, T. (1986) ‘The Idea of an Anthropology of Islam’. Occasional Papers Series. Washington, DC: Center for Contemporary Arab Studies. Georgetown University. ——. (1993) Genealogies of Religion; Disciplines and Reasons of Power in Christianity and Islam

In: Critical Reflections on Religion and Media in Contemporary Bali

Soviet republics acceded to the EU. Markets opened up. Exchanges at all levels and in all spheres between the former East and the West intensified. Indeed, “there is a profound sense of globalism brought about by tourism, by world sport, world news, McDonaldization, AIDS, human rights and so on” (Turner

In: Measuring and Mapping Cultures

television materials and what was entailed in working with them. The Collection As already noted, the programs were originally recorded and transcribed as part of a collaborative project run by the university of London’s school of oriental and African studies, working in conjunction with the Indonesian

In: Critical Reflections on Religion and Media in Contemporary Bali
Authors: and —“ News that Inspires ” provides quotidian activities of civic engagement from donating old laptops to remote African villages to giving messages of hope to complete strangers. No one person can do them all, and the majority of the 330 ideas in Boles’ ( 2009 ) book are not surprising or revolutionary

In: Voluntaristics Review

Scholars studying western Africa are challenged by conundrums involv- ing relationships between languages, social groupings, and cultures. People in western Africa define themselves principally according to kinship and occupational affiliations and only secondarily in linguistic terms. Indeed

In: Creolization and Pidginization in Contexts of Postcolonial Diversity

existence of art-inspired transitional justice practices—have illustrated the extent to which different stakeholders have engaged publicly in light of events, such as the so-called Arab Spring across the Middle East and North Africa region or the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. The

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In: Political Anthropological Research on International Social Sciences (PARISS)

, increasingly from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. A second point concerns the difference between the economic aspects of migration and their relation to political ideology between Austria and Germany on the one hand and post-socialist countries on the other hand. In the remainder of this chapter, we

In: Behind the Illiberal Turn: Values in Central Europe

aimed at including contributions from all over the world. For one book, however, this proved too wide an aim. Therefore, we decided to limit ourselves to Asian and Western contexts, while very much regretting we could not include, for instance, contributions from African 3 and South American societies

In: Conceptualizing Friendship in Time and Place