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than “the Deputy ( nāʾib ) of the Imam.” 24 Al-Karakī’s main legal work, the Jāmiʿat al-maqāṣid , is a commentary on the ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī’s Qawāʿid al-aḥkām . It was written, so he tells us in a short preface, as a way to discharge some of his obligations towards the exalted, victorious, monarchical

In: Sociology of Shiʿite Islam
Author: Arjan Post

. 827 Al-Wāsiṭī, Qāʿida fī al-mathal al-aʿlā , p. 289. He likewise says that God can only be known, served, loved, feared, etc. by the most exalted similitude in his: Risālatuhu ilā al-shaykh al-Maghribī , p. 111; Qāʿida fī maqāṣid al-sālikīn , p. 68. 828 Al

In: The Journeys of a Taymiyyan Sufi
In: Ranks of the Divine Seekers