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-Orient par le fléau d’une pullulation, surtout dans les cités, de bandes de chiens considérés comme «marrons» (angl. «maroon» de l’espagnol «cimarron» c’est-à-dire revenu à la vie sauvage) par certains cynologues et comme «pariahs» par certains autres. On tolérait, cependant, dans une certaine mesure, la

. So it is as if I see the ranks and the masses when I reach the limit of my vision; 46. As if the delegations, struck by the sun's rays, weary of standing behind the crowd, kept back; 47. As if the songstresses amid the pavilions wavered between maroon and dark red; 48. As if the encounter were the

In: Journal of Arabic Literature

marooned in the desert. But unlike the peasants they are not portrayed from within; the task of presenting the world from the viewpoint of a nomad was not one which Kanafani wished to undertake. Although the beduin are seldom more than background figures, the element in which they exist, the desert, has

In: Journal of Arabic Literature

being a chameleon, the imperative of blending into one’s environment in order to survive, is more urgent for the expa- triate intellectual marooned in an American white bread world than for the member of an established immigrant community. By choosing to write in English, these writers position

In: Hawwa

prescribes his deluded tragic consciousness. Monad-like, his self remains marooned in his dream and his nostalgia. The virgin has a rival metaphysics which destabilizes the unicorn's abso- lutist grammar; while the unicorn gives a priori value to asexuality, she gives a priori value to desire, and she

In: Journal of Arabic Literature

leather, apparently goat or sheep skin, in dark brown or maroon tones. MS . L -14029 from the Malaga Provincial Historical Archive is covered in vellum. This is a re-used document in a thick parchment. The external face is the yellowish hair side, but internally there are remains of a carbon ink script

In: Journal of Islamic Manuscripts

strategies that go beyond the single folio. 
 Fig. 11. Kalender, Album of Ahmed I, fols. 17b–18a. (Photo: Hadiye Cangökçe)
 Their current physical state suggests that folios 17b and 18a belonged together in the original album (fig. 11). The maroon border around folio 17b extends across the album’s gutter to

In: Muqarnas Online

of adopting private sector friendly policies’ (Hariri 1999: 25). This projected vision of Lebanon was emphasized in the postwar currency change. The 1964 banknotes, for example, were characterized by earth-like monotone shades, including light maroon, dark green and plum, while their successors

In: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication

are dyed brown, maroon, green, blue, or dusty rose, features large vegetal and floral motifs in the rūmī and ḫaṭāʿī styles. They also incorporate serrated leaves, at times placed in cartouches. The distinct decorative vocabulary and style function much like a signature, as if to announce that the

In: Muqarnas Online

; many deserted and others had to walk home across Europe, supporting themselves by begging. 90 Spanish seamen marooned in Bristol for supposedly evading customs duties were forced to sell part of their cargo to buy food, while a Breton ship driven by a storm into the north Devon port of Ilfracombe was

In: Medieval Encounters