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authority for him in this matter. 39 In this manner, the ground was swept from under the Spanish and Portuguese standpoint, and the rest of it collapsed like a house of cards. For within the parameters of the old ius commune , which Grotius had to respect 40 , there were 62 W.J. Zwalve / Grotiana 30

Gustaaf van Nifterik

, 1982). 5 Hans W. Blom, ‘Th e great Privilege (1477) as “Code of Dutch Freedom”: the Political Role of Privileges in the Dutch Revolt and after’, in: Das Privileg im europäischen Vergleich , 2 vols, Ius Commune. Veröff entlichungen des Max-Planck-Instituts für Europäische Rechtsgeschichte Frankfurt am

Günter Hoffmann-Loerzer

Neuzeit, Gattingen 21967 (S. 287- 301), der sehr wesentliche Berichtigungen in der Beurteilung von Grotius anbringt. 3. die völkerrechtlichen Arbeiten von Karl-Heinz Ziegler: Die romischen Grund- lagen des europäischen V51kerrecbts (= Ius Commune, Frankfurt/M. 1972); Das VölkeTTecht der Römischen Republik

Werner Tress

20. Jahr- hundert, Basel 2001, S. 75-104. 13 Zu erwähnen ist vor allem die Arbeit von Hans Christof Kraus, Theodor Anton Hein- rich Schmalz (1760-1831) – Jurisprudenz, Universitätspolitik und Publizistik im Spannungs- feld von Revolution und Restauration (= Ius Commune; Sonderhefte: Studien zur


Renzo Honores

Spanish notarial practical literature. As legal specialists, some of them were trained in workshops where they acquired a familiarity with forensic legal terminology. 31 That legal terminology was taken from medieval Roman law (the ius commune ) and also from medieval Castilian law. The clauses of


R.H. Helmholz

. The ius commune and Testamentary Succession For historians of the law, the English evidence does more than enlarge our vision of the process of dying. It also helps us to understand the goals and character of the law itself. In fact, greater clarity is immediately evident even from a purely


Jason Taliadoros

2015 Edition), ed. E. Zalta, , accessed 6 March 2017. 4 Tierney, Idea of Natural Rights, 49; H. Hart, The Concept of Law (3rd edn, Oxford, 2012). 5 J. Taliadoros, ‘Magna Carta and Ius Commune : A Consideration of the Scholar

John Watkins

human rights. Apocalypticism, in its modern, Protestant articulation, dates from the same intellectual and religious crisis that gave rise to the earliest writings about international law and the struggle to find a new legal consensus to replace the ius commune , a medieval appropriation of Justinian


Byoung Jo Choe

common opinion represented by the late Max Kaser (1906–1997). There is also a mediating opinion which does not consider the issue as of practical importance. See Knütel 2008: 236–240. The character of the Continental ius commune as the descendant of Roman law has already been justly recognized by


Matthew McHaffie

) that could serve as a model in the composition of such clauses. 13 The authority of any written clause derived, at least in part, from the relationship written form could establish with formal sources of law, which in the thirteenth century included the texts of the ius commune (and the