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Author: Darryl Sterk

are akin to the different alleles of a gene. They might be grammatical forms, or they might be lexical items. For instance, I might choose to say ‘winter hat’ to be sure I am understood, or ‘toque’ to affirm my Canadian identity. Whatever I choose, the choice is theoretically motivated by some

In: International Journal of Taiwan Studies
Author: Yunxiang Yan

number of young villagers have simply ignored the age-old custom of post-marital co-residence to establish their own nuclear families immediately after marriage. 3 Moreover, the stigma of living apart from one’s married son(s) has practically disappeared since a majority of the rural elderly who are

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies

7I immigrants to maintain strong connections with their homelands while eas- ily orienting their lifestyle and habits to the society in which they live. As the boundaries of nations have become blurred, and the acceleration of cultural How motivates every member of society to be a global citizen

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies
Author: Paul B. Foster

fiction was monetarily motivated. When publisher/editor Bao Tianxiao searched out Xiang in 1922, he found an opium smoker, residing with a dog, a monkey, and a mistress, and got a promise to write a couple of pieces. Those works resulted in an introduction to Shen Zhifang, who was starting a popular

In: East Asian Publishing and Society
Author: David Koh

Vietnam in 1945 took Hanoi as its capital, Hanoi became a magnet for rural– urban migration. Weak public education of ideas on how former rural residents should adjust to an urban living environment has been part of an explanation for a number of social problems, including littering, and for the concern

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies
Author: Lu Pan

According to Karl Scheffler, Berlin was full of modern ugliness. Unlike Paris, Vienna and London, it lacked the spirit that qualifies a real modern metropolis. He blew critique against the city’s provincialism due to its over-acceleration of the city form and its life pace. 11 The time of Berlin’s rapid

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies
Author: Zhiyi Yang

; 東坡海外漫相驚 And don’t be surprised that Dongpo has survived Hainan. 餘生銷盡飛騰意 For the rest of my life, I have burnt all desires to be important; 扶杖還思見太平 Leaning on a cane, I still dream of living to see a world in

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies

elsewhere take part in volunteering. A survey among youth in Beijing suggests that the factors motivating youth to spend time on volunteer work are their interest in the public good, the chance to make life more meaningful, the chance to increase their knowledge and skills and the chance to acquire work

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies

-building cannot be analysed by recording ‘the state of the nation’ at a certain point in time because a nation is a dynamic phe- nomenon and is therefore subject to constant change. Not least of all, the population itself has to be motivated to become involved in cre- ating, supporting and shaping the nation. The

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies

everyday life: Sushi shops are mushrooming in Europe’s cities, o ff ering now food that is intended to satisfy a longing for authentic taste. Not only comic shops but also “serious” bookshops sell manga, some of them even having Japanese editions in stock. Japanese pop music and movies receive remarkable

In: European Journal of East Asian Studies