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Author: Khurshid Iqbal

of appreciation’. Even though I agree with Shah’s criticism of Baderin’s view, on a deeper level, Shah’s interpretive approach comes very close to Baderin’s approach of maslahah (public welfare). Maslahah is recognised as the higher objectives of Sha- riah ( ‘Maqasid al-Shariah’ ). 4 Shah further

In: Religion & Human Rights

Egypt , Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995, p. 147. 10 ) Pollard, Nurturing the Nation.. , p. 104; Russell, Creating the New Egyptian Woman… , p. 122. 11 ) At least two (indigenously founded and run) girls’ schools, Ahliah (the Syrian National Girls’ School), and the Maqasid Islamic Benevolent

In: Social Sciences and Missions
Author: Y. Dadoo

” (Part 2), n.p. [cited 6 March 2010]. Online: Zone-English-Discover-Islam%2FDIELayout. 102 Mohammed Hashim Kamali, Al-Maqasid Al-Shari’ah , n.p. [cited 22 April 2010]. Online:

In: Religion and Theology
Author: Asif Mohiuddin

with regard to its definition, methods of interpretation, legal instruments, the applicability of laws, priorities of the objectives ( maqāsid ) of the sharīʿah and the principles of analogical reasoning ( qiyās ). Regarding ijmāʿ , some scholars argue that it was not a doctrine of law in the early

In: Religion and Theology
Author: Florian Zemmin

to the concept of maqāṣid (goals, purposes). Conventional Islamic legal theory knows five overarching maqāṣid , to which all concrete norms are subservient: the protection of religion, life, intellect, lineage, and property. 110 Ironically, in pre-modern times the concept of maqāṣid served to

In: Journal of Religion in Europe

than “the Deputy ( nāʾib ) of the Imam.” 24 Al-Karakī’s main legal work, the Jāmiʿat al-maqāṣid , is a commentary on the ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī’s Qawāʿid al-aḥkām . It was written, so he tells us in a short preface, as a way to discharge some of his obligations towards the exalted, victorious, monarchical

In: Sociology of Shiʿite Islam

scholars considered the permissibility of ge food by focusing on the methods of genetic alteration, 5 from the framework of maqasid al-shariah (the purposes of Shari’a), on the grounds of necessity ( Dharurah ), chemical transformation ( Istihalah ), and combining permissible and non

In: Sociology of Islam
Author: Justyna Nedza

Rechtsfragen’ und des ‘Gre­miums der Obersten Gelehrten’ zählen. 927 Tatsächlich scheinen diese nämlich vor allem eine – qiyās al-maqāṣid genannten – technisch weniger anspruchsvolle Form von iǧtihād zu praktizieren, die nicht auf der Ermittlung des Urteilsgrunds ( ʿilla ) basiert, sondern vielmehr auf

In: Takfīr im militanten Salafismus
Author: Justyna Nedza

-15. 130 Zur Instrumentalisierung der maqāṣid aš-šarīʿa als Instrument für politische Reformen siehe Rogler (2009), S. 22-6. 131 Siehe Ibn ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz (o.D.1), S. 883ff.; vgl. Ibn Ḫaldūn (1970), Bd. 1, S. 233-77. 132 Zum dīn

In: Takfīr im militanten Salafismus
Author: Ovamir Anjum

āmiyya at Baghdad 1092–1095 Philosophical Phase Maqāsid al-falāsifa ; Tahāfut al-falāsifa ; Mih ̣ akk al-naz ̣ ar ; Mīzān al- ʿ Amal 1095 Spiritual crisis 1095–1105 Seclusion according to Munqidh , writing of Ihyā ʾ Ih ̣ yā ʾ ʿ ulūm al-dīn 1105–1109 Mystical and Neoplatonic writings Mishkāt al

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