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Waiting for Hard Balancing?

Explaining Southeast Asia’s Balancing Behaviour towards China

Moch Faisal Karim and Tangguh Chairil

into hard balancing by utilising Walt’s balance of threat theory. Neither Bandwagoning nor Soft Balancing Some prominent realist scholars have said that the end of the Cold War was characterised by the emergence of a unipolar moment and that the rise of China has created big puzzles

Robert P. Menzies

115 Jumping Off the Postmodern Bandwagon Robert P. Menzies The postmodern bandwagon is racing into the future. And so, Timothy Cargal explains, if we do not want to be rendered "irrelevant" and left behind, we had better jump on.' In the following essay, I would like to explain why I disagree

Kurt Radtke

, issue 3-4 Ó 2003 Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden 500 ² Kurt Radtke strengthening their links with all major global powers, including the United States, hoping to avoid polarization while at the same time staying clear of bandwagoning. This is one of the reasons why the New Great Game cannot simply be

Chang-hui Chi

jumped on the bandwagon to migrate to colonial Singapore and found themselves uprooted in a situation of neither here nor there. Th is piece of research illustrates the role of social organizations in which workers and trad- ers were involved and the signifi cance of these organizations and their

Jake Hobbs

Crowdfunding is a form of financing, which utilizes the crowd in order to collect small contributions from a large number of individuals. Its recent rise in prominence has been attributed to the Web 2.0 era, credited for enabling greater two-way interaction and participation between creators and consumers of content. Despite the growth of interest in crowdfunding, there remains relatively little academic work on the subject; particularly there is a lack of work that specifically analyses particular types of campaigns in order to determine common drivers. With the model’s rise in popularity, it is becoming a ‘go-to’ method for creative’s seeking financial support for their projects when ‘traditional’ means of financing are problematic. In particular crowdfunding offers an attractive proposition for small creative companies, who faced with a number of limitations imposed by their commercial demands can find successfully delivering their own original content difficult. However, without an informed understanding of crowdfunding practices there is the danger that many will ‘jump on the bandwagon’ in misguided and costly attempts at financing the crowd. This chapter identifies the common drivers of success within crowdfunded film projects based on a review of both successful and unsuccessful campaigns, carried out upon a notable crowdfunding platform. Notable drivers of success include size of campaigners networks, depth of rewards, campaign size, and content precedence. Crucially, an already established creative identity can be a key determinant of success, thus questioning crowdfunding’s ability to provide viable financing for small creative companies seeking to establish their identity in the market. This chapter produces insight for creative practitioners who are considering the use of crowdfunding as a means for financing their creative projects. Guidance is offered on the internal structures and campaign practices required, so as to avoid what can be naïve and costly assumptions.

Ko Yiu Chung and Chan Kwok Bun

package of oncogene theory and recombinant DNA tech- nologies help promote “ intersections among di V erent social worlds which, in turn, facilitated the rapid development of oncogene research and the larger molecular biological cancer research bandwagon”. She proposes that the bandwagon is the process by

Susan Rowland

Post-truth , bullshit is an art making creative, even horrifying use of seductive, appealing narratives, creating a ‘bandwagon’ effect where individuals are lured into following a crowd, managing expectations and framing debates in ways that radically alter their implications. Not only is the

Jean Allain

the trafficking offense, Borg Jansson can win over states to jettisoning years of vested diplomatic and legislative engagement, by building a new global consensus around her vision of the future. Once that bandwagon starts rolling, I’m sure to hop on. 1 See Conny Rijken, ed., Combating