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Fabienne Jagou

drawing lots, Qianlong, by this measure, intended to redefine his role in Tibet. Oidtmann demonstrates that, in hoping to master the predictions of oracles and divinations used in the process of seeking and recognising reincarnations, Qing emperors moved away from their role as ‘patrons’ of the Gelukpa

Dark Tent and Light Tent

Two Ways of Travelling in the Invisible

Charles Stépanoff

, an elk and some skeletons, which were those of deceased people but also those of living friends residing far away. The tortoise made various predictions about rain and about game. During the seance, Nelson and some others were invited by the officiant to look into the lodge to see the spirits. Lying

Stephan N. Kory

mantic activities, many of which featured learned and text-based forms of prognostication, prescience, or ‘seeing’ (as in the art if a seer).
 Prescience, prediction, and prognostication are regularly depicted in both Chinese and cross-cultural work as the final step in divinatory processes. Prescience

Ellen Widmer

of differences concerns genre. The new novels are for the most part modernized versions of traditional-style vernacular novels, quite unlike the courtesan pieces. They follow the conventions of this type of fiction, with careful plotting, predictions and coinci- dences, and suspense at the ends of

Derek Hird

tisheng 素質提升), “cultural taste” ( wenhua pinwei 文化品味), and “children’s education” ( zinü jiaoyu 子女教育). 10 “[V]iewed as an economic and easily assimilable asset” in the West, 11 they appear to fulfil modernisation theory’s prediction that the non-Western world will develop along the lines of Western

mettle ( nü qiangren 女強人 ), giving an optimistic prediction of women’s status in the new millennium. The contributors to the two volumes are truly international. Among the eighteen essays, there are seven authors from the United States, one from Canada, three from Taiwan, two from the People’s Re- public

Eileen Cheng

behaviors and forms of social interaction, true to Wanlan’s prediction, winds up having deadly consequences. While the story presents the ills of arranged marriages and traditional women’s inability to transcend such an institution, it also shows how the pursuit of free love may be an even less viable

Mushegh Asatrian

Antichrist, who will be overcome by the Messiah (mahdI).20 Ibn Khaldün is quite sceptical towards these predictions, saying that they mostly resemble "riddles".21 However, despite the critical approach of Ibn Khaldun towards the religious heterodoxies and mystical trends of his time, he was nevertheless a

Zahra Fehresti

runaway women and girls, and rehabilitation and promotion of victims. 5. Judicial measures, such as prediction of the right to sue and prosecute the offenders and reimbursement of the victims, training and educating police and judicial task force to combat mafia networks, pro- viding consultation and