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Celi Hirata

between Hobbes and Leibniz, but to analyze their conceptions of subject and substance from the perspective of the rise of subjectivity in modernity. It has become commonplace, in part due to Heidegger’s interpretations, to view in modernity, especially in Descartes, the advent of the metaphysics of

Yali Chen

exploring their primary migration motivations and their pre- and post-migratory lives, in order to examine how they rebuild themselves as “female subject and migrant subject” during the migratory process. I consider the female migrants’ transnational kinship maintenance process through an analysis of

George Kotzoglou

* Introduction One of the most well-known research results of the Principles and Parameters literature on Greek word order and the Greek A-system has been the conclusion that Greek DP-subjects never raise to the ‘canonical’ EPP T -position 1 (cf. Philippaki-Warburton 1987; Alexiadou

Jacques Bidet

market and organisation, one subjected to property, the other to competence, concretely intermingled in multiple ways. Those are the two poles of power, around which the privileged minorities and the unprivileged people fight and struggle. The two dominant forces are in a mutual relation of both

Irene Philippaki-Warburton and Vassilios Spyropoulos

Subject’ and EPP in Greek Journal of Greek Linguistics 2 ( 2001 ), 149 – 186. issn 1566 – 5844 / e-issn 1569 – 9846 © John Benjamins Publishing Company <TARGET "spy" DOCINFO AUTHOR "Vassilios Spyropoulos and Irene Philippaki-Warburton" TITLE "‘Subject’ and EPP in Greek" SUBJECT "JGL, Volume 2

Richard Seaford

addressing his gold Sohn-Rethel and the transcendental subject The idea of the universe as an intelligible system subject to the uniformity of impersonal power first occurred in the Ionian polis of the early sixth century BCE. In my Money and the Early Greek Mind 2 I related this radical

Lionel Corbett and Leanne Whitney

, Sufism, Yoga philosophy, and Vedanta. 2 These traditions teach that there is a difference between the way things are and the way they appear. 3 What seem to be separate objects and people in our visible world are a manifestation of an underlying invisible unity in which subject and object are

Max Blechman, Anita Chari and Rafeeq Hasan

Jacques Rancière, 1 our interview with Badiou was preceded by a semester of intense discussions. A red thread runs through the various questions that followed: namely, how Badiou’s theory of the properly human, and of human rights, structures a new conception of democracy, the subject of which is placed

The Ontology Wars

A Review of Pierre Macherey’s Hegel or Spinoza?

Francesca Manning

(all developed significantly by Hegel) and concepts such as subject, subjectivity and totality (which are not unique to Hegel but whose contemporary usage has been informed greatly by him) are woven into even the most anti-Hegelian of texts, most often with no reference to his thought. Those who do

Eirik Welo

The subject in Greek may be identified as the element which agrees with a finite verb. In addition, the subject is the only candidate to undergo raising. The subject in a finite clause is marked by nominative case. The subject of an infinitive or participle may carry nominative or other cases