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Ratsch, Ulrich

Energy (Gk. energeia, “efficacy, reality, activity”) is a measure of the capacity for work. All processes in nature, and thus also all human activities, involve the exchange, delivery, and transformation of energy. It comes in various forms (mechanical energy, heat, light, chemical changes

Maarten J. Verkerk, Paulo F. Ribeiro, Andrew Basden and Jan Hoogland

1 Introduction The secure and reliable supply of sustainable energy is one of the greatest challenges of our modern society. Electricity is a very useful form of energy which has the advantage that it can be transported and distributed along and over long distances. Yet, even though global

Let the Words Be Written

The Lasting Influence of Eugene A. Nida


Philip Stine

Pick up nearly any English Bible today, and you have already encountered Eugene A. Nida—his influence is that widespread. Nida’s dynamic-equivalence approach to Bible translation helped to shape the Good News Bible, the Contemporary English Version, the New International Version, and the New Jerusalem Bible. In addition, Nida’s longtime work with the American Bible Society and collaboration with the United Bible Societies spread his theories and methods around the world. Drawing on archival records and interviews with those who know Nida best, Let the Words Be Written examines and assesses the ongoing influence of this scholar of wide-ranging abilities and boundless energy. Bible translators, students and scholars of translation theory or cross-cultural studies, and general readers with an interest in the Bible will find this volume both accessible and enlightening.

Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (

Jörg Splett

1. Introduction: Homo ludens. In keeping with the usual contrast between the playful and the serious, play is primarily thought of in connection with childhood, of which it is thought to be the typical activity. Thus it is explained as excess of energy (H. Spencer), as rest after strain, or as

Naar M’fundisi-Holloway

spirit. Her chapters provide descriptions of life in Nsofu township with its economic diversity and social productivity. She explores Pentecostal relations in the form of lateral networks of collective prayer (as providing ritual energy that drives connections among members), flat structures that make

Daniel Tomberlin

Spirit being “poured out” as “a vivid metaphor connoting the lavish and life-giving gift of God’s love and renewing energy” (20). Furthermore, he sees the decline of Christendom in the West as the opportunity for the Church to be reintroduced to the life giving and life renewing power of the Spirit. In a

Kathleen E. Jenkins

…For example, when he went off to college he was there for about a month and he was saying, ‘wow, this is really difficult.’ I wrote him a note that I could never write to someone who had not done the Camino with me. I just said, ‘you know remember to stay hydrated, keep up your energy, watch out for the

Christopher Craig Brittain

of the church, when the tone of our conversations became charged with positive energy, it was generally due to the speaker’s renewed sense of being in touch with the core of her or his faith. Craig, for example, appreciated the partnership with the mosque as an opportunity to think deeply about his

Joyce Ann Mercer

’ about whether or not to remain with the Episcopal Church, to create energy toward leaving. 16 Those who were a part of the negotiations surrounding his departure say that he required a financial settlement, telling the church ‘or else I’ll stay and we’ll all be miserable.’ Father Henry on the other hand

Peter-Ben Smit

-legitimization, commitment to ecumenism and in relation to a theology of communion. As Old Catholic theology has invested much time and energy in ecumenical relations, the section on ecumenical dialogues and ecumenical theology will be relatively lengthy. Another peculiarity of much, especially early, Old Catholic theology