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Henry Sammy Wanyama and Kalafunja Mlang`a O-saki

Celia Ho, China

The Elephant Girl


Tanya Merriman

manage, but not Celia Ho. She has fought her battle against poaching despite the appalling and painful realities and the deeply held mindsets she must confront as she fights. Elephant poaching is the most prevalent in areas of the African continent where poverty is the highest. In Coastal East Africa

The Ubiquitous Rank

Some Reflections on Walking on Thin Ice

Anne Ryen

part of? Do I want that? Being white in East-Africa and in Norway, a female big band trumpet player, being a member of the majority indigenous population in my country, a professor, a student supervisor, a cancer survivor, a sister and daughter negotiating with welfare state workers to assist caring

Being Ambiguously Brown in Africa

An Autoethnography of Biracial Identity in Three Acts

Lynnette Mawhinney

country that I visit. This chapter explores how my biracial identity and social construction of race shifted in complex ways during my time in South Africa, Egypt (North Africa), and Kenya (East Africa) (see Figure 10.1 ). In each country, I experienced and took part in “a losing system by being mixed


Anne Munene and Ibrahim Magara

a membership and following from all over the world, though the bulk of ‘friends’ that aid in content creation and sharing are from East Africa. The initial Facebook posts were a public call for action, mobilizing people to be vocal in regards to the violence in Burundi. In realization that the


Aaron J. Griffen

The new Blackness also extends to Muslims and Mexican Americans. The signing of the Executive Orders to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and immigration bans 1.0 and 2.0 immigration results in the new Blackness of Middle Eastern and North East African people. The mass deportations of

Research Ethics Review, Research Participants, and the Researcher in-Between

When REB Directives Clash with Participant Socio-Relational Cosmologies


Marion J. Kiprop

). Eroding the commons: The politics of ecology in Baringo, Kenya 1890–1963 . Nairobi : East African Educational Publishers . Augsburger , D. ( 1992 ). Conflict mediation across cultures . Louisville, KY : Westmister John Knox Press . Becker , H. S. ( 1967 ). Whose side are we on? Social Problems

The Rise of Measurement

Assessing Science and the Implications for Students with Special Needs for Inclusive Science Education


Jonte’ C. Taylor, Karen Koehler, Karen Rizzo and Jiwon Hwangkoomen

representations in students’ writing . Busan : Pusan National University . Nashon , S. M. , & Madera , E. K. ( 2013 ). Instrument for assessing disposition for contextual learning of science of students in east Africa . SAGE Open , 3 ( 3 ), 1 – 23 . National Center for Education Statistics . ( 2015

The “Northern Touch”

Using Hip-hop Education to Interrupt Notions of Nationhood and Belonging


Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert

their non-Black peers. Since 1995 when the province’s Royal Commission on Learning suggested that a Black-focused school might help stem these statistics, and the city’s school board reported that 40% of Caribbean-born and 32% of East-African born students in Toronto drop out of high school yearly