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construction of diet or recognizing and promoting alternative agri-food systems that are more consistent with the aims and principles of our field. Agroecology: Transdisciplinary Field and Social Movement Agroecology as a research field, is complementary to Environmental Education in this work, is based on the

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. ( 2013 ). Phenomenon-based learning in agroecology: A prerequisite for transdisciplinarity and responsible action . Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems , 37 ( 1 ), 60 – 75 . Ilomäki , L. , Lakkala , M. , Toom , A. , & Muukkonen , H. ( 2017 ). Teacher learning within a multinational

In: Multidimensional Curriculum Enhancing Future Thinking Literacy

out by my adviser, Mariona Espinet, and by my colleagues from GRESC @ research group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Our studies focused where science education, ESD and agroecology meet. Moreover, we explored different research methodologies, always in the interpretative and qualitative

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with the students on a range of topics, from agrarian reform to agroecology, and also encourage parents to come and participate in school events. The MST also invited teachers to attend seminars and week-long teacher trainings organized by the movement. Many of the teachers in this municipality had not

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