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The Balancing Act

International Higher Education in the 21st Century

Mary Gene Saudelli

Why is it important to learn about higher education in international contexts? Why learn about curriculum, teaching, and learning at Dubai Women’s College of the Higher Colleges of Technology? Global education systems have remarkable contributions to make to understandings of 21st century curriculum, teaching, and learning.
Adult educators across the globe are exploring how to make learning meaningful in a world that is experiencing change, global migration, rapid development, cross-cultural communication demands, and systems with mandates for accountability and international standardized measures of quality. Dubai is an Emirate in the United Arab Emirates that has experienced these issues, which have had a profound impact on higher education for Emirati women.
The international educators who contributed to this book reveal how they designed and implemented a curriculum that represented a complex balancing act replete with recognition of local, global, religious, cultural, and societal implications. There is no other book like The Balancing Act: International Higher Education in the 21st Century. It reveals the nature of a highly devoted team of international educators who designed a contextually and globally relevant transdisciplinary, 21st century curriculum.

Four Arrows, Greg Cajete and Jongmin Lee

Ros Attenborough

, reviewer, author, or reader, you can begin steering your favourite academic journal towards a more inclusive future. This recipe is based on my personal experience as a journal staff member working with editors to improve our board’s gender balance. It can also be used for other types of academic board or

Stewart Anderson

description. Method Prepare a checklist by breaking down the job description into the key skills/knowledge that you are looking for candidates to have and the level you would expect as a minimum for the position. Check that the selection panel members are familiar with the checklist (see Gender balancing

Vicky MacRae and Helen Sang

ensure gender balance in proportion to female staff, with the expectation that female speakers will now form at least 30% of the annual programme” aiming for this to increase over time. The 30% has been reached and overtaken. A mere 18 months later, between January and December 2016, 56% of the external

Lara Isbel and Judy Robertson

et al., 2015 ). Advertising for a “brilliant” professor is unlikely to improve gender balance in these domains. Pay attention to how the salary is described. Women are more inclined to negotiate salary if the advert gives them “permission” to do so by stating “salary negotiable” or including a

Jeanne Adèle Kentel and Andrew Short


Isak Froumin and Mikhail Lisyutkin

implementing excellence initiatives ( Froumin & Lisyutkin, 2015 ). Consequently, the matter of the changing autonomy of the higher education institutions participating in the excellence initiatives arises. The second one relates to the balance of the objectives of both governments implementing excellence

Balance: Is it Obtainable?

Math, Science, and Arts Academy West

Jessica Daigle