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Toni Samek and Christina Palech

were also consulted for specific courses where available. The keywords searched were “global citizenship” and “citoyenneté mondiale.” 1 This search was conducted thoroughly across all ALA-accredited Canadian programs, with particular attention paid to courses with words of interest included in

Quo Vadis Canada?

Tracing the Contours of Citizenship in a Multicultural Country


Elke Winter and Adina Madularea

-Laban , Y. ( 2009 ). Dangerous (internal) foreigners and nation-building: The case of Canada . International political science review , 30 ( 2 ), 163 – 183 . Dua , E. ( 1999 ). Le passage de sujets à étrangers: les immigrants indiens et la racialisation de la citoyenneté canadienne . Sociologie et


Chantal Pouliot

public . Embo Reports , 15 , 833 – 835 . Retrieved from Pouliot , C. , & Groleau , A. ( 2011 ). L’approche des îlots de rationalité interdisciplinaires, éducation aux sciences et à la citoyenneté: illustrations en enseignement collégial . Pédagogie


Anne Munene and Ibrahim Magara

-wxtwvk/viewanalytics Originally written in both French and Kirundi, the model can be read from a clockwise position illustrating five cardinal principles: integrative intelligence ( Intelligentia Integrative ); honor ( gira iteka ); accountability, positive citizenship ( citoyenneté positive ); and democratic justice (justice