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, heroes, and lovers; about gods and goddesses; about the creation of the sun, moon, and stars. Such shared stories came to anchor entire cultures in the guise of religions and national myth. But even more, stories contain and illuminate the very fabric of our existence: through analog and metaphor we

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because “we need to remember that we are more than just someone’s spouse or mother. We have names; we are sex goddesses. We are definitely not sluts” ( Levkoff, 2012 , p. 362). She argues, therefore, that Anastasia’s inner goddess – and the conversations that Fifty Shades of Grey (2011) has inspired

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getting the concepts right. Robert ponders for a while then adds: Robert: But perhaps there is a language problem or perhaps there isn’t – I can’t be sure. But come to think of it, I notice that when concepts are explained in the mother tongue, not by me, but by other students it makes it easier for them

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? When will they enter maths class? The map of my village settlements The matrix of my mother’s work schedule The method of my father’s problem solving The pattern of land distribution in my village When will they enter in maths class? When will they enter maths class? The algebra of my family genealogy

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sat there on those stone steps from morning to night, satisfied with their civil supremacy, watching stories of incest, wives who killed their husbands, mothers who slaughtered their children and fathers who sacrificed their daughters. BOUVARD – Just like in Shakespeare’s time, when people watched

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Band. They approached Mrs. Ellen Kehoʻohiwaokalani Prendergast, a celebrated Hawaiian poet and lady-in-waiting to the Queen ( Patrinos, 1995 , p. 87). Eleanor Prendergast, Ellen’s daughter, describes the way the band approached her mother in her rose garden at her home in Kapālama: “‘We will not follow

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