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David Sneath

place, so that being able to move livestock in response to changing climatic conditions is a key method of avoiding livestock losses. Studies of East African pastoral systems with low and highly variable levels of rainfall in pastoral systems also suggest that high mobility and flexible access to wide

Duishon Shamatov and Sarfaroz Niyozov

, now an employee of a loan-giving agency pointed out that: The foreign specialist rarely listened to our complaints about the geographic and political difficulties of doing commercial business here. He just imposed his East African experience on our situation. He never realised that we needed not only

Joo-Yup Lee and Shuntu Kuang

geographically widespread lineage observed in the Middle East, Europe, India and East Africa. 74 For haplogroup N1c1, see Keyser-Tracqui et al. (2004: 326). Analysis of the mitochondrial dna , which is maternally inherited, shows that the Xiongnu remains from this Egyin Gol necropolis consist mainly of