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Ian Hunter

through which he sought to undermine scholastic political metaphysics and the Protestant confessional state; 5 and in Vattel’s case grasping the modification of (Wolffian) rationalist political metaphys- ics through which he sought to provide a kind of political casuistry for the conduct of war and peace


Cour de Cassation (Social Chamber) Union nationale des associations cultuelles de l'Eglise réformée de France v. Mlle Fischer

Editors International Labour Law Reports

protestant theology in Montpellier, for a period of three years. At the end of that period the Council decided not to extend the appointment. The plaintiff thereupon asked a labour court to hold that she had exercised her functions under a contract of employment, and that the contract had been abusively

Ernst M.H. HirschBallin and Sophie C. vanBijsterveld

. Although the actual circumstances varied from country to country and the positions of the different churches varied as well, the resistance concerned protestant churches and the catholic church alike. Only in the United States the s i t u a t i o n w a s d i f f e r e n t . 2 ` The historic events which


Tamar Morag

human soul as arriving in the world innocent and free of sin while the negative aspects accumulate in it in the course of life as a result of the individual’s choices. There are nuances and variations of this view, but it is clearly very different from the dominant view in Protestantism, discussed below

, and air forces).[3] Canadian Armed Forces: Religion Canada has no state religion. On the 2011 census, about 39% of Canadians identified themselves as Catholic, 27% as Protestant, 24% as unaffiliated, and 9% as other.[4] [1] Elections Canada, http

freedom of religion.Constitution of the DRC, Article 22 (2005). About 50% of the population identifies as Roman Catholic with 20% identifying as Protestant, 10% as Kimbanguist, 10% as Muslim, and another 10% as various sects and indigenous beliefs.CIA World Factbook,

and Jewish communities. The diffusion and complexity of this approach become apparent where one contemplates the existence of six distinct Catholic sects, four Orthodox sects and a recognized Protestant rite. There is then a single Jewish authority and three Islamic sects (Sunni, Shi’a and Druze

creation of imperial Russian legislation, had little long-term influence on a predominantly Protestant population. Information on legal developments during the 20 years of Estonia’s first period of independence is sparse. It appears that changes, concentrating on public and constitutional laws, mirrored


to mention several latest examples. In Northern Ireland (Ulster), violence heightened sectarian ten- sions, where a ‘lasting peace’ remains evasive while politicians from the Protestant majority and from the Catholic minority quarrel over guerilla disar- mament and policing reforms. Communal conflict

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IKV en Pax Christi en Kerk en Wereld bij elkaar gestoken. Besloten werd tot het voorbereiden van een Europese Oecumenische Conferentie over het Culturele Erfgoed van Europa. Daartoe werd de samenwerking gezocht met de Europese Kerkenconferentie (An- glicaans, Orthodox en Protestant) en de Raad van de