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domaine judiciaire. Les édits de pacification promulgués au cours des guerres de religion, et dont l’édit de Nantes ne fut que le dernier, ont cherché à établir des juridictions mixtes, composées à la fois de magistrats catholiques et de magistrats protestants, dans le but de donner aux plaideurs de

for Helsinki Monitor. Peter Moree is representative for the cooperating Netherlands Protestant Churches in Middle and Eastern countries, Prague. Yannick du Pont is lecturer in Balkan studies at the Eastern European Institute at the University of Amsterdam. In 1999 he participated in the OSCE

Yonah Alexander

by Over the past few years we have witnessed terrorism on almost a daily basis. "Protestant gunmen shot a Catholic to death in Northern Ireland; an Irish Republican Army bomb caused damage to London; a gunmen assassin- ated one of Yassir Arafat's intelligence chiefs in Lebanon" all

, currently working for the Brussels-based Human Rights Without Frontiers Int. Peter Morée organises seminars for the Protestant Churches in the Netherlands on religion, transformation and democracy in co-operation with partners in the Balkans. Latinka Perovic is a historian and also a former political leader

Livingstone Thompson

already been made that a religious worldview — whether Hindu, Buddhist, Roman Catholic or Protestant — imposes itself on human actions, as a code that governs behaviour. In this regard, the role of Protestantism as a religious worldview influencing economic behaviour was articulated in Weber’s The

Daniel Curran and James Sebenius

political futures for the same territory. 4 This territory, Northern Ireland, is also known as Ulster Province. The nationalists are overwhelmingly Catholic and the unionists are overwhelmingly Protestant. While religion is the most obvious difference between the two groups, the conflict is also about


fait. Pour étudier ce principe, l'auteur expose successivement les origines du problème, les fondements psychologiques de la nation, les forces adverses, et les solutions possibles., [p3], Robert REDSLOB, né à Strasbourg le 3 lévrier 1882. Etudes classiques au Gymnase protestant de cette ville. Docteur

reconstituted early modern Holy Roman Empire, now firmly seated with the Austrian Hapsburgs. In 1555, towards the end of his life, the Emperor Charles V willed the region to the Spanish Hapsburgs. A century later, the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 divided the territory into the Protestant Northern Provinces, the