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Srinjoy Bose and Ramesh Thakur

interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. 5 (Yemen too was subjected to military intervention but by regional powers, and so is excluded from the discussion for present purposes.) The us war on Taliban-ruled Afghanistan after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 was widely accepted as a

Jutta Brunnée and Stephen Toope

’s Report and in several states’ plenary statements, on the need for guidelines on the use of force underscores the importance of generality, clarity and constancy. Guidelines, such as those proposed by ICISS or the High Level Panel, would signifi cantly enhance the legality of the norm by subjecting case

Edmund Cairns

‘forgotten crises’, neglected by the world, with a much-read paper on that subject in 1999. Perhaps not by coincidence she would go on, after Oxfam, to become the Advocacy Director of the Global Centre on R2P. In 2005, Oxfam chose the responsibility to protect as one of its headline goals to promote ahead

Jennifer Bond and Laurel Sherret

peace and security discourse and it has galvanized actors at all levels. The resolution was endorsed in the World Summit Outcome document, 21 and has prompted gender awareness education sessions for UN agencies and the Security Council, 22 where it is the subject of annual open debates. 23 It has

Sara E. Davies and Jacqui True

are responsible for the protection of civilians when they are subjected to sgbv , whether by state or non-state actors. 8 All parties to conflict must take sgbv allegations seriously. They must assist with the collection of evidence to investigate and prosecute sexual violence perpetrators

James Pattison

behalf of India. The Perils of Not Intervening Perilous Interventions is in most part a tirade against mainly Western interventionism. Puri tells us that humanitarian intervention has ‘more often than not resulted in development being set back at least 20 years’ in countries subject to

Luke Glanville

conflict-related sexual violence ( cbc ). While they number in the thousands in northern Uganda alone, the reality and plight of cbc around the world has received minimal attention from scholars and policy-makers. In northern Uganda, these secondary and intergenerational victims of war are subject to

Brazilian View Of Responsibility To Protect

From ‘Non-Indifference’ To ‘Responsibility While Protecting’

Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida

master of its own procedures and working methods. 92 Even if the P5 continue to avoid further discussion, however, this debate on adopting criteria or guidelines for decision-making should be revived, 93 as already recommended by the ICISS. 94 Should the proposed criteria be subject to a binding

Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock

Memorandum to: The New Secretary-General of the United Nations From: Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock Subject: The Way Forward January, 2017 Dear Secretary-General: First of all, congratulations, and thank you for taking on one of the world’s most important and most difficult jobs. It

external eff ectiveness” depends on whether an intervener promotes or harms the enjoyment of human rights of those in the political community that is subject to its intervention’, while ‘“global external eff ectiveness” depends on whether an intervener promotes or harms the enjoyment of human rights in the