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state. It sometimes found different answers to those of its protestant counterpart. Its role in a clear formulation of religious freedom is recognized by Kunter, but it would have been helpful if she would have compared both camps more substantially. Kunter's study gives a well documented and systemetic

Ekaterina A. Smyslova

come from the elderly and invalids who, locked from their four walls, long to meet someone of their own faith. In recent years they were visited regularly by believers from Protestant confessions, who organized concerts and humanitarian aid for them, and discussed with them the joyful life with God

(each of these religions has over 1 million followers). Additionally, Hong Kong is home to 480,000 Protestants, 379,000 Catholics, 300,000 Muslims, 100,000 Hindus, 12,000 Sikhs, and other smaller religious communities. For more information, please visit:

Benjamin de Carvalho

fragile order of states as well. Moreover, Protestant states became concerned about the Protestant minorities in Catholic states, and vice versa. But just as the institutions of the state had emerged as the main guarantor of these concessions, the question that emerged was who was to secure the adherence

—how proportionality ought to be tested and compared the converging approaches by the cjeu and the ECtHR in this respect. In Egenberger , a religious organization specified that a successful candidate for drafting a UN report had to be a member of the protestant church. Vickers argues that the decision may mark the


Federal Labour Court 1ABR 26/84

Editors International Labour Law Reports

Autonomy of the Churches and eligibility for staff representation HEADNOTES Facts Employer and employee are in dispute over the employee's eligibility for the staff representation of the employer. The employer manages a youth centre. He is affiliated to the Charitable Works of the Protestant

Religious Rights between International Law and Constitutional Law

A System of Communicating Vessels – From Premodern Historical Evidence to a Reassessment of Doctrine

Stephan Wendehorst

continued to be practiced in the 18 th and the 19 th century they were criticized as thinly veiled vehicles of imperialist expansion. The Partitions of Poland in 1772, 1793 and 1795 justified by Prussia and Russia in part on the grounds of the mistreatment of the Dissidents, i.e. Orthodox and Protestant

Eilish Rooney and Aisling Swaine

housing inequality precipitated civic unrest in the 1960s. These same working-class districts, comprising republican (mostly Catholic) and unionist (mostly Protestant) ghettos, subsequently experienced the highest levels of conflict-related violence and imprisonments. 8 People in these areas have been

Arend H. Huussen

parentum). Opinions were conflicting about the desirability of the in protestant law unacceptable marriage between a man and the sister of his deceased wife (or between a wife and the brother of her deceased husband). In these cases the fear of immoral conduct also played a role, because of the intensive

Aaron J. Saiger

we mostly do today. Progressivism strenuously opposed schools taking a position in the “sectarian,” internecine doctrinal and political debates of Protestantism. 21 But anti-sectarianism did not imply a rejection of the nondenominational Protestantism typical of American schools into the second half