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Mark Findlay and Nafis Hanif

, Cheltenham, 1999); Jeffrey McIllwain, Organizing Crime in Chinatown: Race and Racketeering in New York City (McFarland, Jefferson, N.C., 2004); Tom Beken, ‘Risky Business: A Risk-Based Methodology to Measure Organised Crime’, 41 Crime, Law and Social Change 5 (2004) 471–516; Albanese, supra note 2

ramsi Ten Years On

From Post-Conflict Stabilisation to Development in Solomon Islands?

Sinclair Dinnen

Honiara in April 2006 following national elections. 41 Two days of rioting and opportunistic looting destroyed much of the capital’s Chinatown and served to highlight the underlying fragility of the peace. Manasseh Sogavare’s subsequent election as Prime Minister heralded a dramatic deterioration in

Marriage and Family Life: The First Decade

‘I Embrace You and Are Your Jeanne’


Arthur Eyffinger

The (Askhenazi) Jewish Quarter (from c. 1670 up to 1940) more or less covered the area of current ‘Chinatown’. The Sephardim lived around Denneweg and (tellingly) Lissabon. 65 Van der Stok 1888 , p. 79. 66 Ibid., p. 79. 67 The drooping or falling of the upper eyelid. 68 Van der Stok 1888 , p. 85. 69

An Chen

connivance of local authorities, some Caucasian racists even committed public attack against Chinatown, the residential area of Chinese people. During this process, the American politicians and “scholars” successively wagged their tongues to publicly defend those evil crimes of Caucasian mobs. From various