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Daniele Conversi and Xabier Ezeizabarrena

Economics 254–261. Boillat Sébastien , Julien-François Gerber and Fernando R. Funes-Monzote , ‘ What Economic Democracy for Degrowth? Some Comments on the Contribution of Socialist Models and Cuban Agroecology ’, ( 2012 ) 44 ( 6 ) Futures 600–607. Brundtland Gro Harlem , Our Common Future ( oup

-realizing methods and technologies in agriculture. Some examples may include promoting agro-ecology and organic farming, protecting equitable access to land and resources for agriculture, and discouraging mono-crop cultivation and the usage of toxics and fertilizers dangerous for the productivity of the land and

Romola Adeola

’s smallholder farmers: Green Revolution input subsidies or agro-ecology (Johannesburg: African Centre for Biodiversity, 2015), 22. 14 African Union Convention for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa, adopted at the Special Summit of the African Union Heads of States and

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Stefania Errico and Priscilla Claeys

them to achieve an adequate standard of living. Agricultural, environmental, trade and investment as well as rural development policies should contribute to strengthening local livelihood options and the transition to environmentally sustainable modes of production such as agroecology or organic


Rhonda Ferguson

methods of production and the distribution of food. 224 Former Special Rapporteurs Jean Ziegler and Olivier De Shutter have also outlined the concept in their reports and have argued the importance of food sovereignty, agroecology and small-scale farming to the realization of the right to food. 225 The