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Marti Huetink

flavours: green and gold. Green is where you are allowed to archive the pre-published version of your article in a repository, but no money is involved and embargos apply. Gold is when your article is immediately available on a platform, either in a hybrid journal or in an Open Access journal. (A hybrid

Maurits Vandecasteele

explained by south-east migration of the hybrid form * balgfred . [22]

Frederik Dhondt

methodological postulates create a hybrid and diverse mass of scholarship 5 . The latter determinant is even more abundant in a field as the history of international law, where ‘there cannot be said to be any such thing as a history of international law as a single and unitary thing 6 ’, since ‘conceptions of

F. De Zulueta

. 153-4. Although the legal antecedents of the Lex Calpurnia de repe- tundis of 149 b. c. are well analysed, and its hybrid character as quaestio and actio sacramenti clearly appreciated, it is with the political motives of this statute that Professor W. S. Ferguson (1921, 86) is mainly concerned. He

neutrality, public benefit and religious charitable purposes: making sense of Thornton v. Howe ; 217–244: P. Brand, The date and authorship of Bracton, a response; 245–272: W.S. Deller, Thirteenth-century proofs of age: the development of a hybrid legal form; 273–298: N.G. Jones, Wills, trusts and trusting

Vincent Bernaudeau

’élaboration de la loi: un délicat travail d’hybridation politique et bureaucratique “Rien, [affirme le premier président Baudouin,] n’est plus en harmonie avec les idées démocratiques de notre temps [puisqu’] il s’agit ici de ces petits procès” qui opposent des justiciables de condition bien souvent modeste. “300

Theo Veen

exercise of authority mentioned here ('Neronism,34), there is, apart from a hybrid which is irrelevant to my purpose ('Phalarism'), another form of tyranny ('Pisistratism'): the domination of the conqueror who seized authority by force and who, of course, can also be fought with fire and sword35. 369

hybrid of practical monograph and problematic work, the public before whom it was presented is un- clear. The title raises doubts, not merely as to the purpose of the work, but even as to its attribution to Scaevola. David Johnston seeks to solve the enigma by an examination of the content and form of

. The translation is clear and accurate. De Groot has always been praised for his purity of language, succintness and clearness of style. However, in my opinion, it is not to be denied that his aversion to hybrid words is not free from a certain affectation, though on this point P. C. Hooft surpassed

Joshua C. Tate

’s commissioners could have moved the reference to legacies to CJ 6.37.21 and relocated the hybrid constitution under the rubric ‘ De legatis ’, in keeping with the new procedural equivalence of the two institutions. Given that flexibility in operative language was a hallmark of fideicommissa even in the classical