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H.-D. Roger and S.F. Winter

therapy, germ line therapy, genome analysis and procreational medicine (e.g. in vitro fertilization). There is a general agreement in both the protestant and catholic church, that germe line therapy should not be allowed for ethical reasons.l4 In Germany, the germ cell line therapy is forbidden by law.l5


case with various representatives of the churches, including the national Protestant church. Likewise, nearly all seventeen members of the National Ethical Council have recommended to maintain the present prohibitions and to aim systematically at developing palliative measures. 25 According to Danish

Julia Shaw

-terminal illnesses the option of euthanasia, although ‘a majority’ were opposed to relatives being involved in a patient’s death. 39 95% of non-religious respondents and interestingly, 81% of Catholic respondents and 81% of Protestants supported legislation on assisted dying. Th e overwhelming public support found

Denard Veshi and Gerald Neitzke

and Germany, where the patient’s right to self-determination has been considered the major principle underlying ad s. In England, the Mental Capacity Act of April 2005 governs ad s and reflects the English liberal tradition — which goes back to the work of Locke 84 and Mill 85 — and Protestant