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Stefan Graziadei

protection in Europe] (Böhlau, Vienna, 2010), at 112–119. Northern Ireland, for instance, was characterized by an important gap in employment between the Protestant and Catholic communities. This was one reason for the outbreak of the ‘Troubles’. Due to strong affirmative action measures, this gap was closed

the Protestant Reformations on the Western Legal Tradition , Cambridge, MA 2003, 18. Book Review 423 of legal reforms, the most substantial changes since the initial, revolutionary reforms of the early Yeltsin years. Butler’s organizing method is still, thankfully, historically grounded: each

libertarian influences rather than economic theory dominate. Thus Revolutionary France, Protestant Prussia, and Republi- can Portugal provided for divorce by consent before the Russian Revolution. The welfare state, non-discrimination against women in employment, and similar phenomena, making wives less

Dara Hallinan

property, which has specific relevance for many Muslim and Protestant denominations. 45 In general, the Russian Constitution is seen to be very forward-looking and adheres to the principles of protection of human rights, the rule of law, and democratic ideology, i.e ., the essence of the Strasbourg system

(attached to). 3. The Russian text lists: tserkvi, kastela, kirkhi, mecheti, sinagogi, referring to resp. Orthodox, Roman-Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Jewish houses of prayer. 235 II. USSR 1975 1. Rules for Admission to Higher Educational Institu- tions of the USSR. Minister of Higher and Special

addition, there were and remain a wide variety of Buddhist sects, the sects belonging to the 'new' religions of Caodaism and Hoa Hao, and the Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches, as well as Muslims; cf., Demaine, op.cit. note 6, 100; also Georges Con- dominas, "Vietnamese Religion" in The Encyclopedia

Mariusz Mark Dobek and Roy D. Laird

cries out for the creation of a new Soviet work ethic, an attitude very similar to what in the West, at least in an earlier time, was identified as "the Protestant work ethic". According to Gorbachev: "[E]everything depends upon the peo- ple" .4 That is why glasnost' is an essential tool of change, the

whether Soviet law is viewed from the vantage-point of a Russian emigre, a German conservative politician, an Italian law professor, a left-wing political scientist from Great Britain, a French administrator, or a represen- tative of the liberal and Protestant tradition of the American East Coast. Nowhere

Daniel Fitzpatrick

from the Catholic Church, Protestant Churches, Muslim community, women's organ- isations, student/youth organisations, the Timorese NGO forum, professional associations, farming community, business community, labour organisations, and the 13 Districts of East Timor. Membership has subsequently been

third major branch of Christendom - the Protestants, and to the only com- munist state where they constitute historically the faith of the overwhelming bulk of the population - the German Democratic Republic. In June 1969, the Evangelical regional churches (Lutheran, Reformed, and United) in the GDR