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The long journey of ‘Privatautonomie’

The history of a concept coined and exported in times of persecution

Arndt Kiehnle

believe in the true Protestant doctrine, Luther did not appreciate the temporal freedom of all individuals 54 , as his statements in the Peasants’ War of 1525 show 55 . For him the freedom of a Christian was not a justification for revolting against the authorities 56 . That Luther, whose family name

Theologians and Contract Law

The Moral Transformation of the Ius Commune (ca. 1500-1650)


Wim Decock

The Roman legal tradition is the ancestor of modern contract law but there is no agreement as to how and when a general law of contract emerged. Wim Decock’s thesis is that an important step in this evolution was taken by theologians in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. They transformed the Roman legal tradition (ius commune) by insisting on the moral foundations of contract law. Theologians emphasized that the enforceability of contracts is based on voluntary consent and that a contract should not enrich one party at another's expense. While their main concern was the salvation of souls, theologians played a key role in the development of a systematic contract law in which the founding principles were freedom and fairness.

Theologians and Contract Law is winner of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Preis 2014 (German Research Foundation) as well as the Raymond Derine Prijs 2012 (Raymond Derine PhD Prize) and the ASL-Prijs Humane Wetenschappen 2012 (ASL Award for Humanities 2012) by the Academische Stichting Leuven. Decock's book is also awarded the "Juristisches Buch des Jahres" (Law book of the year) by Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (47/2013: 3420).


domaine judiciaire. Les édits de pacification promulgués au cours des guerres de religion, et dont l’édit de Nantes ne fut que le dernier, ont cherché à établir des juridictions mixtes, composées à la fois de magistrats catholiques et de magistrats protestants, dans le but de donner aux plaideurs de

Arend H. Huussen

parentum). Opinions were conflicting about the desirability of the in protestant law unacceptable marriage between a man and the sister of his deceased wife (or between a wife and the brother of her deceased husband). In these cases the fear of immoral conduct also played a role, because of the intensive

Alain Wijffels

not a single entry for Grotius. Of course, this may be a prime example of what Osler sees as the effects of the Protestant-Catholic divide of Europe on the printing and circulation of books, but one may also surmise another reason – which can be related to the early-modern failure of the papacy to


een dominante minderheid zoals de spreekwoordelijke White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male, van gevangenen en ‘gekken’ door een gemakzuchtig en onverantwoordelijk staatsapparaat. De ‘nieuwe Jeremiahs’ van het communitarisme begrijpen dat niet en zijn zozeer zelf gevormd door de rechten revolutie dat veel

Laurent Waelkens

’absence de droit testamentaire dans le droit d’Augsbourg. Elle remarque que cette absence était déplorée par des juristes protestants de l’époque. Elle aurait peut-être dû se pencher du côté de l’officialité pour savoir si celle-ci était encore compétente. Ensuite on trouve les droits et devoirs des associés

James Mearns

Luther burned the Decretals of the Canon Law on 10 December 1520, the Protestant princes wished to develop the secular law in their states in line with their own interests. In the light of that fact, the battle of Mühlberg of 1547, which ended the Schmalkaldic War in favour of Charles V and thereby

Laurent Waelkens

et a obligé Rome a intervenir pour lever l’interdit. Dans les pays protestants l’asile ecclésiastique n’existait pas, dans les pays mixtes il fut parfois acerbe. La troisième partie enf in concerne la pratique dans les Etats pontif icaux et dans les f iefs ecclésiastiques italiens, sans p. ex. tenir

Dave De ruysscher

= City Archives in Antwerp (FelixArchief) AmCA = City Archives in Amsterdam PK = Privilegiekamer SS = Schout and schepenen V = Vierschaar 460 D. De ruysscher / Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 77 (2009) 459-479 city and its protestant rulers in august 1585 and following the reintegration in the