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Livingstone Thompson

already been made that a religious worldview — whether Hindu, Buddhist, Roman Catholic or Protestant — imposes itself on human actions, as a code that governs behaviour. In this regard, the role of Protestantism as a religious worldview influencing economic behaviour was articulated in Weber’s The

Richard Langhorne

exclusively the case, since Gentili did have some personal exposure to diplomacy, having accompanied an English mission to Protestant German states in 1586, but he did not subse- quently revise his work in the light of this experience. He also acted as legal coun- sel to the Spanish Embassy in London in the

Mary M. Young and Susan J. Henders

under British rule and, over time, eventually also to an increasingly autonomous Canadian polity with a dominant English-speaking and Protestant elite. These elites and the European settler society as a whole largely colluded with the Canadian polity in the ongoing dispossession of indigenous peoples

Susan J. Henders and Mary M. Young

between Canadian Protestant female missionary educators and their Japanese colleagues and pupils in some of Japan’s first Western-style girls’ schools. A third example shows that these ‘other diplomacies’ could also be important in the interactions between Canadian petroleum workers and the Asian workers

Mark Rolfe

e Vatican joined the leading Sunni authority Al-Azhar in 2008 to condemn the cartoons’ republication. 65 59) ‘Rabbinical Alliance of America, Union of Orthodox Rabbis of US and Canada’, New York Times , 28 August 1979; and ‘Roman Catholic, Jewish and Protestant Spokesmen have Joined in Condemning

Cristina Archetti

-century Europe the Protestant Reformation rose from being a marginal to a mainstream religious movement. According to Deibert, all social forces, like animal species, live within an environment, and changes in this environment, as in Darwin’s thought, affect their chances of survival. The mechanism explaining

Serge Granger

officials maintained that the Canadian nation’s foreign policy was aimed at securing national unity. 17 While the Protestant Church accepted the idea of coming to terms with communist China, Catholic missionaries from Canada strongly opposed the Canadian federal government’s intention of recognizing China

Tatiana Zonova

reformed the state system that had been based on the Byzantine ‘symphony’. He abolished the Patriarch insti- tution and, following the example of Protestant states, he made himself head of the Russian Church and subordinated it to the State Synod. Th e primacy of temporal power was also emphasized by a new

Giles Scott-Smith

influence in leftist intellectual circles; he was once considered the spokesman of neutralist-pacifist groups; he is very close to labor leaders and to the Protestant clergy. Until about a year ago, Dr Schulte Nordholt was often extremely critical of the United States with regard to race relations and US

Halvard Leira and Iver Neumann

Extraterritorial Violence in Early Modern Europe (Princeton NJ: Princeton University Press, 1994), p. 24. 46) Centre Historique d’Archives Nationales (CHAN), Correspondance consulaire, Bergen, 1716-1792 , vol. I, AE B207. 47) Th e sources are imprecise, but we do know that Buteaud, a Protestant, left France