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University College, Huddinge, Sweden). Instructions for Authors Please refer to; e-mail for more details. The Journal of Religion in Africa (print ISSN 0022-4200, online ISSN 1570-0666) is published 4 times a year by BRILL, Plantijnstraat 2, 2321 JC Leiden, The Netherlands, tel

In: Journal of Religion in Africa

Malian Town (by R OMAN L OIMEIER ) AFRIKA - STUDIECENTRUM ABSTRACTS An overview of journal articles and edited works on Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities that are available in the library of the ASC in Leiden, The Netherlands ISSN 0022-4200 (paper version) ISSN 1570

In: Journal of Religion in Africa

Southern African Development Community Qualifications Framework (SADCQF) and the East African Community Regional Qualifications Framework for Higher Education. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE The issue of recognition of qualifications in higher education has been discussed within UNESCO since 1947. Since then

In: Regionalization of African Higher Education

November 2017 ]. McCarthy , J. 2018 . “ Harlem is everywhere .” Project Muse , 65 , 2 : 6 – 13 . DOI: 10.1353/dss.2018.0022 . Mavhunga , C. C. 2017 . “ Introduction .” In What do science, technology, and innovation mean from Africa? , edited by C. C. Mavhunga , 1 – 27 . Cambridge, MA

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In: African Futures
Euro-Western descriptions of knowledge and its sources fall short of accommodating the spiritual, experiential terrain of the imagination. What of the embodied, affective knowing that characterizes Pentecostal epistemology, that is, the distinctive Pentecostal-Charismatic knowing derived from dreams and visions (D/Vs)? In this stunning ethnographic work, the author merges African scholarship with an investigation of what visioners say about the significance of their D/Vs for Christian life and spirituality. Revealing data showcases case studies for their biblical and theological articulations of the value of D/V experiences and affirms them as sources of Pentecostal love, ministerial agency, and the missionary impulse.

humanities that are available in the library of the ASC in Leiden, The Netherlands 159 174 212 242 275 317 VO LU M E 37.2 (2007) B R I L L OUT OF AFRICA? 1 VOLUME 37.2 (2007) ISSN 0022-4200 (paper version) ISSN 1570-0666 (online version) JRA 37,2_colophon.indd I JRA 37,2_colophon.indd I 4/19/07 2:41:42 PM 4

In: Journal of Religion in Africa
Presented to Professor Dr. J.N. Sevenster on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday
Supplements to Novum Testamentum publishes monographs and collections of essays that make original contributions to the field of New Testament studies. This includes text-critical, philological and exegetical studies, and investigations which seek to situate early Christian texts (both canonical and non-canonical) and theology in the broader context of Jewish and Graeco-Roman history, culture, religion and literature.

The series has published an average of three volumes per year over the last 5 years.