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Programme Policy Brief No 2011/1 (European University Institute 2011) 1 < > accessed 17 February 2017. 68 For an overview, see Laurens Ankersmit, ‘Investment Court System

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade

-state arbitration by a new investment court system based on a Tribunal of First Instance (composed of 15 public law judges: 5 judges from EU member states, five judges from the United States, and five judges from third countries) and a permanent Appeal Tribunal composed of 6 public law judges (two from EU member

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade

announcing its Proposal for a Council Decision on CETA, the European Commission described this ‘new investment court system’ as an important first step ‘towards the EU’s ultimate goal of a global investment court’. 42 Both the EU’s proposal and India’s Model BIT, discussed below, aim to reform ISDS by

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade

started replacing ISDS in all its trade and investment negotiations with a permanent ‘Investment Court System’. 87 The final goal of the EU is thus to merge in the future all bilateral and potentially plurilateral courts into the MIC. The European Commission envisages the MIC as an institution analogous

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade

whether the provisions of the eu -Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (‘ ceta ’) regarding the Investment Court System (‘ ics ’) are compatible with eu law. 21 Based on this previous case-law on the principle, it is possible that the cjeu would find that the fra or wa

In: International Organizations Law Review

-death-of-isds ; Louise Woods, “Fit for purpose? The EU’s Investment Court System,” Kluwer Arbitration Blog, (blog), March 23 2016, 2018, . See further Bonnitcha, Poulsen, and Waibel, The Political Economy of the Investment Treaty Regime , 30. 74

In: The Chinese Journal of Global Governance

successful example of the WTO dispute settlement system with its ad hoc panels and a small, but permanent Appellate Body has not been taken up in recent discussions about the reform of investor-state arbitration. The “Investment Court”-system contained in the proposals for CETA and TTIP is not yet

In: Brill Research Perspectives in International Investment Law and Arbitration

’s suggested multilateral investment court system – but perhaps due to the sweeping nature of those reforms, they have failed to garner much support. 120 But their failure may actually provide ACIIL’s negotiators with an opportunity to market the center as a comparatively discrete and less-expensive means for

In: The Journal of World Investment & Trade

Part of this Chapter, the European Union’s initiative for an Investment Court System as the most tangible reform proposal (which incorporates the doctrinal proposals discussed in Parts 1 and 2) is outlined and scrutinized. 1 Abolishment or Modification of the System of Party-appointments Disputing

In: The Independence and Impartiality of ICSID Arbitrators

of an investment court system, a controversial proposal within the broader movement to reform isds . The analysis of the eusfta ’s departure from ceta and the euvfta in Section 4 below will show that the eusfta seems to be carefully designed to ensure clarity, certainty, transparency, and

In: International Investment Treaties and Arbitration Across Asia