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Author: Mueni wa Muiu

Mau Mau in Harlem? The U.S. and the Liberation of Kenya is a well-documented study, in which Gerald Horne examines the role that individual Americans, African American organizations, British government and trade unions, and the United States government played in the liberation of Kenya. It is a

In: African and Asian Studies
Author: Annie Gagiano

generally seen as intended to protect the state from exposure of its villainy. In the present reading of three texts—depicting Malawi under the rule of H. Kamuzu Banda, Ethiopia under the Derg and Kenya over a time-span from the “Mau Mau” 2 revolt until the 2007 elections—the focus is on the nature and

In: Matatu

- pathetic to indigenous political movements. Hence with the Mau Mau rebellion, in the 1950s, the KKEA was outlawed. THE KIKUYU KARING'A EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (KKEA) arose out of the turmoil created by a missionary ban on female cir- cumcision among the Kikuyu of Central Province of Kenya in 1929. This ban

In: Journal of Asian and African Studies
Author: Flavia Aiello

modalità sociale e culturale di ricostruzione dei momenti più traumatici del colonialismo in Africa orientale, riletti dagli artisti alla luce dello specifico contesto culturale e socio-politico. La rivolta Mau Mau nella narrativa swahili del Kenya La narrativa swahili contemporanea si è sviluppata

In: Annali Sezione Orientale

p. 122, read: BIRINDA 812, read: CRUELLS 828, read: Dini 832, delete: On Mau Mau 855, read: Watu wa Mungu 960, read: 1966 . I I20 and p. 122, read: CAWOOD . I I92 and p. 125, read: MARQUARD , p. 121, read: ADEMOLA p. 122, read: BROWN, K. T. add: BuRROws, H. R., I I I6 ; . CADEL, 52; DAVIDSON, B

In: Journal of Religion in Africa

but well defined. The typical context within which the African writer locates the religious is, nevertheless, secular, political and frequently traumatic: the world of revolutionary struggle, of Mau Mau, the Wiriyamu massacre, the Nigerian civil war. Evidently enough, religion has not liberated

In: Journal of Religion in Africa
Author: Louise Pirouet

Armed Resistance and Counter- Insurgency* Reflections on the Anya Nya and Mau Mau Experiences LOUISE PIROUET University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya IT IS OFTEN assumed that in a conflict there are two sides in opposition to one another, and that a person who is not actively committed to one side

In: Journal of Asian and African Studies
Author: John Lonsdale

'broken'. The nationalism of Christians and non-Christians alike was still more contested in the years after the second world war. Some Christians fell martyr to the seemingly pagan insurgency called 'Mau Mau'; but others took to the forest, Bible in pocket, gun in hand, and deplored the tactical

In: Journal of Religion in Africa

three countries, covered by this book, show great differences. Vis-a-vis movements like the Mau Mau of Kenya, the Chilembwe revolt (1915) of Malawi and the national- ist movements of Tanzania, the general policy of the Catholic mission was built on abstention. The actual situation brought the mission to

In: Exchange