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confront the linguistic implications of its use in Burroughs’ methodology. Such an approach must investigate his almost surgical uprooting of the word from any of the semantic anchor points found in all traditional and most non-traditional fiction: points such as discernible plots, stable characters

In: Mosaic of Juxtaposition

refuses to apply concepts of morality to methodology. For him, whatever method gets the job done is valid: “Did I ever tell you about the time I performed an appendectomy with a rusty sardine can?”.125 Sterilized scalpels are nice when available, but one must be willing and able to work with what is at

In: Mosaic of Juxtaposition
Author: Melissa Kennedy

orientation of some new writing challenges a perceived obligation to map the local in a distinct New Zealand idiom. In its methodology, this study of Ihimaera’s negotiation between Mori– Pakeha and Mori–international influences similarly bestrides both worlds, situating Ihimaera’s work within not only

In: Striding Both Worlds

. Grontowski. 1983. “The Mind’s Eye” in Sandra Harding and Merrill B. Hintikka (eds.). Discovering Reality: Feminist Perspectives on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 207-224. Kirwan, James. 2005. Sublimity: The Non-Rational and the

In: Ambiguous Subjects
Author: Melissa Kennedy

criticism, in- cluding mythology, oral narratives, history, and approach to family.7 In a Mori context, Chadwick Allen similarly enumerates different interpretations of and responses to Mori cultural expression on the part of Mori and cultural out- siders. His methodology invites us to read

In: Striding Both Worlds
Author: Sabine Heuser

Contents Introduction New Final Frontiers: Problems and Aims vii The Story So Far xxv Methodology: Metaphoric Networking xxxiv PART I: CONSTRUCTION SITES 1 Introducing Cyberpunk 3 The History of Cyberpunk 5 The ‘Cyber’ in Cyberpunk 20 Style and Attitude: The ‘Punk

In: Virtual Geographies
Author: Sandra Courtman

Britain. What we learn is the extent to which the European colonial project left Africa impoverished both materially and politically; and how the colonial methodology taught African warlords to survive by rifling the re- sources of their neighbours. A Distant Shore forces us to confront the fact that

In: Caryl Phillips
Author: Melissa Kennedy

Matriarch is compared, in Chapter 4 below, with the altogether different response to his plagiarism in The Trowenna Sea.  International Aesthetics 91 field’s stories into a place of centrality. In this optic, critics employ a com- pare-and-contrast methodology to bridge the considerable gaps

In: Striding Both Worlds
Author: Melissa Kennedy

-Amerindian, and Canadian First-Nations and Inuit indigenous groups. However, for Alice Te Punga Somerville, interest in defining comparative indigenous methodologies comes up against key tenets of indigeneity that problematize cross-cultural interaction by emphasizing singularity: “How do you find things you

In: Striding Both Worlds
Author: Andrew Rayment

sake of clarity, is how ʻFantasyʼ is defined hereʼ. In doing this, all this book does is say (by way of explaining the methodology employed) that use of the term ʻFantasyʼ in the following way allows the claims that follow in the book to be made (an approach, it must be recognised, already

In: Fantasy, Politics, Postmodernity