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,順乎天而應乎人”. Although the first emperor Jingzong introduced the Tangut calendar to replace the Song calendar, the new calendar continued to use the ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches, wuxing , the eight trigrams and solar terms for luck in making monthly predictions for people born in different years. 35

In: China and Asia

depicted side by side with a prediction of the coming Antichrist. Prester John embodies the multiple timelines depicted on the map: the past of Alexander, the present of more or less contemporary rulers, and the apocalyptic future of the Antichrist (Brunnlechner 2013, 76–78). In the fifteenth century

In: Asian Review of World Histories

always applied myself to acquire la grande Science […].’ 21 This text takes Quesnay’s 1767 manifesto to the next level, identifying physiocracy with Confucianism. The call for revolution in France and across Europe is explicit and the prediction is made that blessed times will come “sooner or later

In: The Mandate of Heaven

mandate of heaven, and was therefore putting itself at risk. Perhaps he intended a warning rather than a prediction. But, whatever his motivation, Amiot’s repetition of these dates in the context of the subject of regicide and revolution is open to such an interpretation. How far should we take this more

In: The Mandate of Heaven

in the conversation. Left-dislocation also has the potential to re-introduce Accessible referents across a distance. These observations are in line with the prediction of Lambrecht that LD is normally used to introduce Active or Accessible elements. Interestingly, there has been observed a