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Author: S.J. Pearce

The present article, then, will vindicate that footnote, showing how Judah worked both with and against the grain of previous Andalusi grammatical and translatorial practices in his capacity as a lexicographer and in connection with his literary assertion of his exilic identity. The Tibbonids as

In: Medieval Encounters
Author: Uriel Simonsohn

-life situations rather than merely theoretical legal deliberations. In the present discussion I address a particular sub-phenomenon of conversion: individuals who converted to Islam but subsequently reversed their conversion and returned to their original faith. By focusing on this recurring theme in the legal

In: Medieval Encounters
Author: Sheila Delany

CHAUCER'S PRIORESS, THE JEWS, AND THE MUSLIMS SHEILA DELANY Simon Fraser University ABSTRACT This paper explores some implications of the "Asia" setting of Chaucer's Prioress's Tale. Its method is literal and historicist. Its argument is that the tale is meant to present real, not figurative

In: Medieval Encounters
Author: Sarah Stroumsa

present a full, accurate picture of this intricatc problem, one would have to unfold the many faceted attitudes to the hereafter in the medieval Islamic world and its background in Antiquity. In the following pages I shall try to concentrate on a few aspects of medieval Arabic philos- 2 A.K. Reinhart

In: Medieval Encounters
Author: Robert I. Burns

by a medieval past upon a present culture or subculture. This can take the form of an evolution from past technologies or mentalities into the present, or even the devel- opment of merely analogous modern patterns quite different from the medieval to surface observation. One such artifact was the

In: Medieval Encounters
Author: Ruth Glasner

presented in Metaphysics Γ . I. Tfae Question Gersonides' commentary on the Metaphysics is no longer extant and we know almost nothing about it. This fact is puzzling. Gersonides was the most sys- tematic Jewish commentator on the writings of Aristotle. He commented on all the middle commentaries on

In: Medieval Encounters
Author: Doron Bauer

The departure point of this paper is a broken ceramic vessel (fig. 1) currently on display at the Almudaina—the former medieval palace or alcazar of Palma de Mallorca. The remains of the jar present stamped decorations typical of the Almohad period in Al-Andalus. 1 They were found along the

In: Medieval Encounters
Author: Thomas Devaney

through rhetoric and spectacles tailored to specific audiences. While King Peter I emphasized Cyprus’s historical claims to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, thus appealing to the chivalric ideals of his vassals, papal legate Peter Thomas led interfaith processions that presented Cyprus’s population as united in

In: Medieval Encounters