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'apres la position de son corps, il devait s'appuyer sur un tronc d'arbre qui a disparu. 39-43. HARPOCRATE Cinq amulettes en argent. Ht. respectives: 0,033, 0,017, 0,022, 0,022, 0,020. BIBL.: Cat. Ant. Ere. p. 371, nos. 322, 332; p. 372-373, nos. 333, 339, 343; p. 423, no. 717. Le dieu est represente

In: Le culte des divinités orientales à Herculanum

’, ‘kamu adalah saya’, ‘saya adalah dia’, ‘saya adalah semua’, ‘semua adalah saya’. Inilah yang disebut Tat Twam Asi. Penganut Tat Twam Asi tidak akan mau menyakiti dan melukai perasaan orang lain, sebab itu berarti pula menyakiti dan melukai perasaan sendiri. (Hin0033) 57 The terms he used—Ida Sang

In: Critical Reflections on Religion and Media in Contemporary Bali

variable, it equally reflects an aspect of national cultures, to the extent that different European countries show marked differences regarding authoritari- anism, differences that tend to remain relatively stable over the years (Mau and Verwiebe, 2010). We shall begin by studying the major value systems

In: European Values

the ‘heresy’ of the late Mau- rice d’Hulst.11 Zedda’s contribution insists on the need for a ‘Catholic’ edition of the Old Testament based on the original Hebrew. While his proposal evidently involves the principles of exegesis, its relevance to the present study remains nevertheless indirect. It

In: Catholic Theology of Revelation on the Eve of Vatican II

the Courts of Cambodia (eccc), where the surviving top dk leaders are facing charges of genocide in its case 002/2 80 . Suffice it to say that the apparent disproportionately high death toll among Chams and Chvea was not plainly caused by ethnic hatred, but

In: Cambodia’s Muslims and the Malay World