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Robert Jackson

Responsibility to Protect 2 (2010) 315–319 319 Iraqi people were in fact subjected to suff ering on a scale that far exceeded the adversities of Saddam’s tyranny. Th ose inevitable adverse consequences make war fi ghting among the most morally perplexing and morally compromised activities anyone could contemplate

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Erin Goheen Glanville

answer to that call to holistic prevention, a consideration of the sustaining role of refugee fiction in producing stories and nuancing tropes that will influence culture in support of R 2 P . Culture is a notoriously slippery concept and subject for study. In a globalised world, culture is never

Jochen Prantl and Ryoko Nakano

-linear. It is subject to ongoing contestation and re-evaluation. The traction and latitude of any global norm is defined by its contemporary historical context. Changes in the understanding of state sovereignty over the past two decades – both in the security and economic realm – may serve as examples here

Jennifer Welsh

interpretation and application of the principle can in fact be ‘con- trolled’. It is more likely to go the way of other concepts in international society (such as ‘self-defence’ or ‘sustainable development’), whose meanings are now the subject of contestation between opposing sides in a confl ict. Th is

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Dorota Gierycz

torture and slavery are not subject of derogation. For details see ILC, 58 th session, 1 May – 9 June and 3 July – 11 August 2006. See also Nowak, Introduction to the International Human Rights Regime ; Steiner, Alston and Goodman, International Human Rights in Context. 9 Preamble, Arts. 1.3, 13.1, 55, 56

Morgan Riley

principles and stipulate that they be a condition of employment for PMSC personnel. In accordance with the recommendations for other UN contractors, 82 any personnel who violate these standards would be subjected to disciplinary action, and where appropriate, have their contract terminated. The reliance

Michael Contarino and Selena Lucent

demonstrated consistent strong support for the ICC. Both are already ICC members, and therefore are already subject to its jurisdiction, even in the absence of UNSC action. France and UK also are two of the three top fi nancial supporters of the ICC, having contributed together nearly 18 million dollars in 2008

Jeremy Shusterman and Michelle Godwin

. One major step forward, with the adoption of the World Summit Outcome document, was resolving the debate about an emerging candidate international norm, articulated by the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty ( iciss ) as the Responsibility to Protect. 2 Subject of