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Eisfeld, Jens

Ius commune, which in Latin means “common law,” means general law in the broadest sense. In a narrower sense, in continental Europe, it was and remains primarily Roman law, that is, the law set forth in the Corpus iuris civilis (the legal compilation commissioned by Emperor Justinian in the 6th

Phillip Hellwege

Phillip Hellwege * Summary Enforcing the liferenter’s obligation to repair: Roman law , ‘ ius commune ’ and Scots law – A liferenter has the right to use the fiar’s property. Fur thermore, he has the right to possession. Only after the termination of the liferent, the fiar can take up the possession and

Antonio Grilli

MARTINUS NI]HOFF PUBLISHERS Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis 76 (2008) 155-172 &vue d'Nistoire du Droit 76 (2008) 155-172 The Legal History &view 76 (2008) 155-172 Aux origines du droit de I'Union Europeenne: Ie "ius commune" national dans les conclusions des avocats generaux Karl Roemer et

James Mearns

public international law, Alciato had recourse to a wide range of legal sources. One of these is feudal law, which is combined here with the ius commune . In fact, as I hope to demonstrate, the Medieval ius commune is being applied here to a new reality: the world of sixteenth-century politics and the

A. Mark Godfrey

283 IUS COMMUNE, PRACTICK AND CIVIL PROCEDURE IUS COMMUNE, PRACTICK AND CIVIL PROCEDURE IN THE SIXTEENTH-CENTURY COURT OF SESSION by A. M ARK G ODFREY (Glasgow)* , ** 1. – Introduction It is comparatively recently that the history of Scottish civil procedure has begun to receive sustained

Alain Wijffels

289 IUS COMMUNE AND INTERNATIONAL WINE TRADE IUS COMMUNE AND INTERNATIONAL WINE TRADE A REVISION (Middelburg c. Antwerp, 1548– 1559) by A LAIN W IJFFELS (Louvain-la-Neuve) To Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c. J.Th. de Smidt on his 80th birthday As these lines were being written, the expansion of the container


357 UN IUS COMMUNE BRITANNIQUE? UN IUS COMMUNE BRITANNIQUE? Le débat sur une unification des droits anglais et écossais au lendemain de l’accession de Jacques VI/Ier au trône d’Angleterre par A LAIN W IJFFELS (Leiden / Louvain-la-Neuve) * Peu après la conclusion du Traité de Maastricht, Lord


naar de ontwikkeling van dit spraakmakende maar rechts- historisch onbekende instituut. Leeuwarden A.G. Bosch H. S CHULTE -N ÖLKE , Das Reichsjustizamt und die Entstehung des Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuchs. [Ius commune, Sonderhefte: Studien zur Europäischen Rechtsge- schichte, 71]. Klostermann, Frankfurt am