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Author: Kevin Blackburn

Memory of Singapore’s past is undergoing what has been called a rapid ‘democratization’ through blogs and Facebook, videos of reminiscences put up on YouTube, as well as web-based memory collections, such as the Singapore Memory Project, which aims to collect five million memories of Singapore

Author: James C. Schopf

democratisation increased corruption coverage and popular perceptions of its prevalence, which were then reflected in survey findings. Polls of experience with corruption and studies of illicit exchanges of rents through low interest loans and corrupt government contracting show a much sharper drop with

In: Asian Journal of Social Science
Citizenship and Democratization in Southeast Asia redirects the largely western-oriented study of citizenship to postcolonial states. Providing various fascinating first-hand accounts of how citizens interpret and realize the recognition of their property, identity, security and welfare in the context of a weak rule of law and clientelistic politics, this study highlights the importance of studying citizenship for understanding democratization processes in Southeast Asia. With case studies from Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Cambodia, this book provides a unique bottom-up perspective on the character of public life in Southeast Asia.

Contributors are: Mary Austin, Laurens Bakker, Ward Berenschot, Sheri Lynn Gibbings, Takeshi Ito, David Kloos, Merlyna Lim, Astrid Norén-Nilsson, Oona Pardedes, Emma Porio, Apichat Satitniramai, Wolfram Schaffer and Henk Schulte Nordholt.

. Keywords Eritrea, state building, transition, democratization, legitimacy Introduction Eritrea was crafted into a modern colonial state, comprising nine ethno-lin- guistic groups, by Italian colonialism in 1890. Following the defeat of fascist Italy in 1941, the territory became a British protectorate

In: African and Asian Studies
Author: John Ishiyama

the CUD (more than the UEDF), exhibited nomination patterns similar to party nomination behavior in other new democracies. Keywords Ethiopia, African Political Parties, Democratization, African Elections, Candidate Recruitment Introduction: General issues and Objectives To what extent do parties in

In: African and Asian Studies
Author: Olle Tornquist

Revolution and the Growth of Hindu Nationalism in India. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Hefner, Robert W. (2000) Civil Islam: Muslims and Democratization in Indonesia . Princeton: Princeton University Press. Huntington, Samuel P. (1991) The Third Wave: Democratisation in the Late Twentieth Century

In: Asian Journal of Social Science

General Introduction A political conditionality approach seeks to move leaders in authoritarian countries to adopt democratic reforms by using donor aid as both a carrot and a stick. In such an action, foreign assistance functions as leverage to support democratization in the aid beneficiary

In: African and Asian Studies
Author: Haokam Vaiphei

Nehginpao Kipgen, (2016) Democratisation of Myanmar . New Delhi: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group. 194 pages. ISBN : 978-1-138-66787-7. Studies of democratic transition are gaining popularity in contemporary discourse and yet there is no single explanation for understanding such

In: Asian Journal of Social Science

scholarship on democratisation has focused on institutional factors, Democratization in Taiwan: Challenges in Transformation provides an alternative methodological template by chronicling and comparing “attitudes that support [the growth and maintenance of ] democratic institutions” (p. 1). Such a shift in

In: Asian Journal of Social Science
Author: Yeoh Seng-Guan

occupies an important place in the comparatively small collection of published studies on new media and democratisation in Malaysia. It provides a benchmark of sorts for future research in the field.

In: Asian Journal of Social Science