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Bill Maurer

protests against their power and the “odious debt” they trucked in. In Black Marxism (1983), Cedric Robinson coined the phrase “racial capitalism” to explain the permeation of racism in capitalism despite Marx’s prediction that “capitalism would rationalize social relations and demystify social

Emily Morris

of the Soviet bloc, there have been many predictions from scholars outside Cuba of the imminent demise of the country’s economic and political system. Although the predictions have consistently proved mistaken, the assumptions upon which they have been based have remained remarkably intact. Only

Jorge Duany

Americans through their housing, occupational, and marriage patterns. Contrary to Padilla’s prediction of their imminent “Mexicanization,” Puerto Ricans in Chicago came to assert a vibrant identity apart from Mexicans, especially through the creation of Paseo Boricua (“Puerto Rican Promenade”), a one

Gina Athena Ulysse

-director-producer of The Harder They Come ), is also revealing. He quotes Sally’s prediction about his book: “You know I’m dead squeamish about you turning your gaze on Jamaica, Ian. You’re going to unravel all kinds of murder and mayhem, aren’t you? Then you’re going to contrast it with poor old whitey here leading

Sociolinguistic Indexicalities in Ethnic Diversity

Perceptions of Ethnicity and Language in Suriname

Gerald Stell

Communication Accommodation Theory ( CAT ). CAT formulates sociolinguistic predictions regarding the probability of minority ethnolinguistic groups shifting to majority ethnolinguistic groups’ languages and the probability of a given language being chosen over another in interactions between

The Bakru Speaks

Money-Making Demons and Racial Stereotypes in Guyana and Suriname

Rogério Brittes W. Pires, Stuart Earle Strange and Marcelo Moura Mello

. The baccoo as “public secret” is enacted every Sunday in “The Baccoo Speaks” column of Kaieteur News , one of Guyana’s major newspapers. This mass media baccoo is a cartoonish character of black humor that makes ironic predictions about future tragedies such as accidents, murders, and violent


Thomas C. Grey

In Formalism and Pragmatism in American Law Thomas Grey gives a full account of each of these modes of legal thought, with particular attention to the versions of them promulgated by their influential exponents Christopher Columbus Langdell and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Grey argues that legal pragmatism as understood by Holmes is the best jurisprudential framework for a modern legal system. He enriches his theoretical account with treatments of central issues in three important areas of law in the United States: constitutional interpretation, property, and torts.

From Freedom to Slavery

Work and Words at the House of Prisoners of War in the Old Babylonian Period

Annunziata Rositani

only in the biblical story of Samson (“and he did grind in the prison house,” bêṯ hā-ʾăsîrîm ), but also in the predictions of Exodus 11:4–5 and Exodus 12:29. In Exodus 11:4–5 we read “At midnight I am going to go forth among the Egyptians, when all the first-born in the land of Egypt shall die, from

Ullman, Richard H.

proved to be correct in his prediction that the Russians could withstand the Hitler juggernaut.keywordsJoseph Davies; Soviet Union; Foreign Service; Soviet-American relations; World War II; Nazi German...

Dallek, Robert

examines Dodd's service in detail, showing perceptive predictions about Hitler and Nazi Germany. See also Dallek's "Beyond Tradition: The Diplomatic Careers of William E. Dodd and George S. Messersmith,...