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Lisa Marchi

doorstep of his house and manages to liberate himself from their apocalyptic predictions thanks to his off-beat sense of humor, is particularly telling in this regard: I ran downstairs to look for the bastard at the café, and god behold! Two Jehovah’s Witness ladies flashed their Caribbean smiles and

White House

<br>- estimated size of North Vietnamese forces in South Vietnam <br>- prediction of upcoming North Vietnamese offensive <br>- Secret <br>- Vietnam <br>- LBJL

David C. Kang

possibility of conflict. However, despite a number of pessimistic predictions beginning over 25 years ago, China already has risen peacefully. 11 Indeed, although China has not caught up to the United States, within East Asia the PRC already has completed a regional power transition. It has done

Sharon A. Maneki

five minutes for me. The credibility of SIGINT to the military increased considerably as a result of this experience.” A MiG warning had been issued in error, and Combat Apple corrected this misinformation. 9 Other SIGINT predictions of the reaction of the North Vietnamese air defense system to this

The Domino Logic of the Darkest Moment

The Fall of Singapore, the Atlantic Echo Chamber, and ‘Chinese Penetration’ in u.s. Cold War Policy toward Southeast Asia

Wen-Qing Ngoei

discussed with their counterparts their ominous predictions of Chinese expansionism, learning with more dread than satisfaction that their British allies harbored similar thoughts given their experiences with the mostly Chinese guerrilla fighters of the Malayan Communist Party ( mcp ). The allies would

Lydia H. Liu

tendency to push the darker current of racial discourse in his writing to the side so one does not notice or deal with the issue. But Smith himself speaks of the “Anglo-Saxon race” and the “Chinese race” unabashedly and makes sweeping predictions about the races and their competitive advantages or

Economic Superpower in an Age of Limits

The Locomotive Strategy and u.s.-Japan Relations, 1977–1979

Yu Takeda

, he stated that it was unrealistic to pursue the target “frantically.” 68 A few days later, the Economic Planning Agency updated its prediction of a growth rate for jfy 1978 of 6 percent. Although abandoning the target was at some point inevitable, retraction was quicker and easier after the

James L. Hevia

that depended upon the inclusion of the powers of other, albeit weaker, kings into the rulership of the Qing emperor. See James, L. Hevia, Cherishing Men from Afar: Qing Guest Ritual and the Macartney Embassy of 1793 (Durham, N.C., 1995), 123–30. 25. Indeed, according to Michael Swaine, predictions and

Peter C. Perdue

their contemporary moral and political implications. Historical analy- sis does have connections with modern political issues, but it does not offer simple predictions or models. Instead, historians can add nuance to common debates and provide perspective by insisting on the impor- tance of temporal and