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Jeffrey Stackert

predicts”—i.e., the diviner foretells some portent that subsequently comes to pass ( אבו ). This interpretation can then account for the verb רבד in v. 3’s relative clause. It is a recapitulation of ןתנו in v. 2: the diviner offered the sign/wonder verbally as a prediction. 25 1 Kgs 13:3a employs similar

Abraham Winitzer

story echoes real tradition too. In Akkadian hemerologies the month of Nisan is considerably more detailed than the rest; in the so-called Hemerologies of Aššur series its summary 113 may even suggest that predictions for other months were composed in accordance with it. 114 These factors led R. Labat

John Z. Wee

evil demons or ghosts play the role of antagonists in most of the Utukkū Lemnūtu series, Tablet 16 appears to include concerns about certain dangers posed by a human foe. The significance of this last point and its relevance in royal contexts becomes evident, when we examine the kinds of predictions

Edward Silver

before me and you prophesied [against] many lands and against great kingdoms war,<famine and disease>. Regarding the prophet who prophesies peace, when the prediction<of the prophet> comes true (bĕḇōʾ dĕḇar<hannāḇîʾ>), it will be known that Yahweh has truly sent him. Dtr 18.22: When the prophet

David Frankfurter

have exorcistic powers, or by uttering taunts and accusations, or by verbally com- paring demons or devil to some evanescent substance and then describing their imminent destruction. In this performative context, the diatribe becomes an illocutionary act in which words—descrip- tions, predictions

Jan Bremmer

, king of Iolkos, that he would be killed by a man wear- ing only one sandal. The prediction became reality when Jason came to a sacri fi cial feast of Pelias having lost one of his sandals JANER 6_f3_9-38III 11/20/06 5:17 PM Page 20 the myth of the golden fleece 21 63 The oracle is a standard part of

John Van Seters

increasingly linked to prediction and the esoteric interpretation of past oracles to the disclosure of future events. In chapter eight, van der Toorn argues that with the transition of oral to written prophecy, the scribes invented an understanding of revelation that was based upon the written word. In order

Duane E. Smith

solicitation, the type of prediction and the common orientation of the bird sightings with regard to a river or road, indigenous Hittite bird-divination differs from the bird-divination in Homer and that from Mesopotamia. 63 Within the Greek speaking world of western Anatolia, this Hittite style of bird

Christopher Woods

’s prediction that Gilgamesh will become wise with Ea of the Apsû (Gilg. III 104). 115 Instructions of Š uruppag 1-6. 116 Again, following the translation of George, Gilgamesh , 539: 1, which captures nicely the subtleties of the term; see his discussion on pp. 444-445. Also note in this connection the above