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Christian H. Bull

children, the giants, remain on earth to plague humans. 9 In the prediction of Hermes, on the other hand, the wicked angels are here on earth in the narrative present, and when the gods leave earth in the future the angels will have free rein to lead humankind astray. The wicked angels in the Perfect

Margarita Simon Guillory

complexities of hoodoo are flattened and equated to that of fortunetelling—a form of divination that centers on making predictions about an individual’s life. New Orleans hoodooists, in response to this type of judicial marginalization, began to practice their faith in private, residential spaces. Accordingly

Wouter J. Hanegraaff

Brill Baudrillard Jean Simulacra and Simulation 1994 University of Michigan Press Braden Gregg et alii The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities 2007 Boulder Sounds True Cusack Carole Invented Religions: Imagination, Fiction

Christian H. Bull

prediction mentioned likely refers to Corpus Hermeticum 1, where Poimandres tells Hermes about how an enlightened human at death will leave the body and passions behind, as the soul ascends to the eighth sphere. 15 It is, however, unlikely that Hermes is encouraging Tat to hasten to die, but rather to leave